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Dogs fun dressing cute designer clothes

The Pet industry is a million dollar a year industry. There is a growing desire to purchase accessories for the pet much more so than in the past decades. You can currently get dog sweaters, luxurious dog beds and furniture, jewelry and pretty much everything you can purchase for yourself, including designer doggy apparel. We all want our pets to look and feel their best and purchasing special things for our dogs can make them feel like part of the family.

Designers like Paris Hilton who has lines especially for your doggy. These lines have everything but the kitchen sink quite literally. You can purchase items like the Paris Hilton Star Lily charm for a mere $30 or the Sparkle Bubble dress for $55 at retail price. The designers don’t stop there they also give you the decision on doggie gift baskets with full spa accessories including a towel and Body wash for the average pampered dog this treat also comes with a doggie bath robe.

dog fun dressing costume puppy

Dog fun dressing

Though in the past we have considered our pet a part of the family many are going to extremes to ensure that they are well taken care of in many cases more then an average adult. The internet is scattered with literally thousands of sites sharing pet accessories. The items that are available for your dog’s are many giving our pets a major place in their average family functions. The purchase of a dog bed is on average between $30-150 dollars but if you are going designer: you will pay about $15-1700 dollars. The Beverly Hill Black and white bed is going now for over 1,700 dollars which is significant considering you can get a decent bed for a person for under $1000 dollars.

While a lot of us have trouble getting a grip on how this industry is a boom, many dog owners are purchasing these products and more for their fine furry friends and as long as the designers will make them there will be people to purchase them!

It is allot of fun dressing our dogs up in cute designer clothes, finding the perfect pair of dog boots, doogles (dog sun glasses) and having our dogs look their best!

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