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Pitbull Myths and the Truth

Pitbulls are amazing family dogs

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Have you seen a full-grown Pitbull? You probably will agree with me that this stocky, muscular, and big dog will make your spine chill. I will not blame you, you probably have seen stories in television, newspaper and probably have heard of banning of Pitbulls in the United States. However, if you want a friend, a very loyal friend who will protect you and your family, you need a Pitbull.

The picture to your left is my 3 month old son and my American Pitbull Terrier napping!

Believe it or not, pitbulls are amazing dogs. We have owned them for years and have been by far the best breed we have ever owned. This agile, playful, and caring dog will be your best friend for life. Pitbulls will protect you, your family and will be a best friend for life.

Knowledge in care and training of a pitbull is what is necessary. If you want a Pitbull but do not have experience in caring for it, seek help from a reputable Pitbull breeder. I would also highly recommend dealing with a knowledgeable pitbull breeder who has experience in ethical breeding standards.

Here are some common pitbull myths and the truths behind them.

Myth 1 – Pitbulls has a locking jaw mechanism. This is untrue. Experts examine the skeleton of a Pit Bull and state that skulls, mandibles, and teeth of a Pitbull are proportionate to its size. The jaw structure and functional morphology is not different from other any dog breed.

In reality, because of its size, Pit Bulls are bred for dog fighting, farm working, and protector of their owners. Thus, they have the tendency to ignore severe pain with the intension of finishing the job. If the training of your Pitbull is for dog fighting, he will stop at nothing just to finish his task. He will ignore pain and will do what he must do. If he feels that his family is at risk, he will ignore even poisonous snakebite just to ensure the life of his human family.

Myth 2Pitbulls are not affected by dog repellent sprays. Pitbulls may or may not be affected by capsaicin-based dog repellent sprays. It is just like in human where some people are not affected by OC gas spray. Another possible reason is that dogs tend to ignore minor pain. They do not seem to be affected but then minutes later, it could just do its job. It may also be true that indeed they are not affected because dog repellent sprays do not affect other breeds like Bull Mastiffs, Rottweilers, and many German Shepherds.

Myth 3, Pit Bulls continue attacking even after being shot. Aggression is common to animals especially if they are not trained to socialize. As mentioned above, a Pit Bull has the tendency to stop at nothing to finish his task. He will not stop attacking until he has served his purpose. This is true to any dog or animal on that matter not just the pitbull dog.

Myth 4Pitbulls are not good with kids. This is one of the most appalling myth of all! Pitbulls have never been bred to be human aggressive! They were bred many years ago to be animal aggressive, which is completely different than human aggressive.

They are wonderful family dogs! I personally have 4 children and have raised all of my kids around pitbulls. They love kids and human companionship!

The key to owning a good pitbull, red nose pitbull or blue nose pitbull, is to deal only with reputable breeders who breed for quality!

Where do all these myths come from? The Media and the legislators that passed the ban of breeding and care of Pitbulls and other breeds that resembles a Pit Bull. These myths are also from rumors being spread by people who are not educated on the breed.

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American Pitbull look-alikes attacks have also helped being on the bad name for the breed. Breeds like the Dogue De Bordeau, Alpha Blue Bulldogs, Vizsula, Dogos, and even Cane Corsos and Black Mouth Curs look allot like American Pitbull Terriers. When these dogs bite or attack, people generally immediately call them pitbulls!

You want to test your pitbull skills? Play the Can You Identify The Pitbull Game! Most people can not select the REAL pitbull!

Photo source:everythingtopdogs.blogspot.com

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  • Sheryl said:

    What a cute pitbull picture. I love the breed as well and love to see sweet pictures like this.

  • cyndy said:

    What a great blog! Love this article and picture. :o)

  • Ty Brown said:

    Bravo. There needs to be more positive press for this great breed.

  • Stephanie said:

    the website i posted is a website with 25 dogs. all mistaken for pits. i have a pit and i couldnt even get it right. its amazing how many dogs are out there that people think are pits… its actually pretty sad.

  • mike said:

    I have a 1 year old son and two pit’s, those three are inseperable. I would hate to see a law passed banning my family friends.

  • emily said:

    Amazing comments above. You people are all idiots. These are dangerous dogs, known to turn on a whim – including on their owners. I have personally known several people attacked by them, one of whom had to have her leg amputated due to the damage inflicted by one of these nasty animals. There’s a reason many cities have a ban on them: they’re dangerous, and if they’re not … they have a high percentage of turning that way for no reason whatsoever.

  • Eric said:


    Any dog that is mistreated will turn on his owner. Based on your reply, your friends had no more business with a pitbull than a gangster has with a gun.

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