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German Shepherd saves owners life

German Shepherd the amazing dog hero

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A German Shepherd named Buddy is the talk of the news once again! Buddy is a trained assistance dog, and can press programmed buttons on his owners phone in the event his owner is having seizure symptoms.

Last Wednesday, Buddy contacted 911 when his owner began having seizures. Buddy is heard whimpering and barking after the dispatcher answers and repeatedly asks if the caller needs help. Since there was no human reply, police officers were dispatched to the address where the call was placed from.

When the police arrived, Buddy is heard barking loudly to alert them of his owners illness. His owner was treasted and has recovered from the seizure.

Buddy is one of the many amazing dogs who work as service dogs. It is pretty incredible to know a dog can be trained to contact 911!

Buddy is a hero, as this makes the 3rd call for help he has had to make to save his owner. When we says dogs are mans best friend, it is genuine! You can view the news report here.

Photo source:breed-of-dog.blogspot.com

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