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The Benefits of Dog Training

Dog training importance and benefits

Dog training has been a big part of my life. My dog got lost when he was a puppy and developed issues when we took our nightly walks. Because of a popular dog training show on at the time I got the knowledge that helped me rehabilitate my dog and the inspiration to become a dog trainer.

When I was in school I realized first hand how important dog training was and the benefits it gave frustrated owners. When we worked with the local residents of the town you could literally see in the six week period a transformation of attitude. They went from utter disappointment to overjoyed and all it took was the right knowledge that we gave them plus a little consistent training on their part. One benefit of training is that you will have more joy and less stress around your dog.

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During that time with the local residents I also saw a huge transformation in the dogs as well. They went from out of control basket cases to attentive, obedient and calm. The dogs they always wanted to be, but never got the chance until their owners took the first step and sought help. Because the owners took that important step each dog would now live the rest of their life without the daily stress they had before which is another benefit of training.

You obviously want to have a great dog that you can share your love with. The fact is that if you’re not educated and you don’t devote some time to your dog then you’ll be disappointed. Dogs are like a three year old child that never grew up. They need attention to be the best dog they can be. Dog training is the doorway to a deep and beautiful bond with your dog and that’s also a benefit.

Dogs are also pack animals that rely on a leader to call the shots. If you don’t step up to the plate and become that leader then your dog will take your spot and start calling the shots himself. The only problem with that is we live in a world dominated by humans, not dogs. Because of this we have to teach our dogs to live in our society and obey our rules. One more benefit of dog training is it will make you your dog’s leader.

I now hope you know why you should train your dog and what benefits you and your dog will gain. I hope this article will inspire you to take action if you haven’t already and read some material about dog training or take a class. Believe me, if your dog is a pain in the butt then both of you would benefit from a dog training class. More Information about the benefits of dog training.

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  • Ty Brown said:

    As a dog trainer I’ve got to agree with this post. Nothing is more satisfying and fulfilling for the dog/owner relationship than proper training.

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