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5 Signs You Do Not Need A Dog

Reasons people should not own dogs

This topic, 5 signs you do not need a dog, comes after I feel so heart broken seeing all of the dogs on classified sites and rescue sites. There are 1000’s of dogs and many owners have the same story as to why the dog needs a good home. I can not help but to think in the back of my mind these people must have no consideration for animals period.

I understand some times things happen and you can no longer care for a dog. But, many times these dogs are in need of homes because someone got a dog they should have never got.

Here are 5 examples of what I mean….5 signs that you do not need a dog!

1. You live in a rental property and did not ask your landlord if you could have a dog. I see this over and over, people needing to find dogs homes because their landlord will not allow them. Perhaps if they asked before they got the dog, the poor animal would not have to re-locate! Do people not realize it can be stressful on a dog to move from home to home?

2. You have decided breeding dogs can be profitable! Oh how this one pisses me off! Instead of relying on dogs to pay your bills, start looking for a JOB. Housing animals costs money and I can guarantee if you take good care of your dogs, you will not see any profit from breeding!

3. You have no job. Why do people get dogs every day when they can not take care of themselves, much less a dog? I see ad’s all over the net for free dogs because someone got a dog they can not afford. If you have no job or no income, you do not need an animal! They costs money to take care of and they need owners who can afford to take proper care of them.

4. You live in a 900 SF Apartment and want a huge dog breed! Why in the world would anyone in their right mind think they can house a St. Bernard or Great Dane in a tiny house? These are big dogs and they require space. People get large dog breeds all the time and then when the dog is 6 months old and 100 pounds, they are looking for a new homes because they dog is to big.

5. You work 15 hours a day 7 days a week! Why dog people get dogs when they know no one will be around to care of the dog? I can not even count the ad’s I have saw for dogs in the last few days were the owner says they need to get rid of the dog becuase they do not have time to care for the dog. Well, they knew this before they got the dog, so why in the world did they get the dog?

If you work long hours and come home only to go to bed, you do not need a dog! Dogs need companions too and need owners to walk them for exercise and they have needs too! Not to mention if no one is ever around, you will never be able to potty train a puppy. If you are not going to be around to care for the dog, you do not need one!

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Photo source:dogfederationofnewyork.blogspot.com

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