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Virgina Pit Bull Saves Owners

Pit Bull heroic story

The Virginian-Pilot reported a heroic story of a Pit Bull that saved a store owner from a deadly attack.

Two intruders entered a screen printing shop in Virginia Beach. Their intentions are not entirely known but they were armed and dangerous.

They were immediately confronted by Rico, a one year old Pit bull waking up from a nap. The intruders shot Rico in the head with a .45-caliber handgun. But this was not enough to prevent Rico from fulfilling his duty as guard dog. This brave Pit Bull bit down on one of the attackers arms, allowing the shop employees time to escape.

“I know for a fact he saved our lives,” said a shop owner. “It was amazing, because I’ve never seen him act out aggressively.”

Other than possible vision loss in his left eye Rico is very healthy. He has already been released from the vet.

There have been no arrests in the robbery. The thieves were unable to steal anything of significant value.

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The city of Virginia Beach is paying all of Rico’s vet bills. There is also a fundraiser being held in his honor for any additional or ongoing costs. If the intruders are caught they will be forced to pay.

This is one of example of many recent positive news stories spotlighting the heroic acts of Pit Bulls. These accounts of Pit Bulls putting their life at risk for humans are helping to clear up bad rumors concerning the breed.

While the news is also full with Pit Bull attacks and fighting the public needs to know there are responsibly trained Pit Bulls saving lives!

A little known fact about Pit Bulls is that their bloodline does not naturally contain the instincts to attack humans. These instincts are caused by inhumane owners. These same instincts would show in German Shepherds and other aggressive breeds if they were subjected to the same abuse.

Owners who participate in dog fighting are actually hurting the Pit Bull bloodline by breeding abused and aggressive Pit Bulls. Before dog fighting Pit Bulls became popular breeders had nearly rid the bloodline of these overly aggressive Pit Bulls that would attack humans.

This is why the Humane Society and other Pit Bull advocate groups speak so harshly against dog fighting. In effect humans are creating Pit Bulls that will become overly aggressive[spin]. By eliminating Pit Bull fighting this breed will have the opportunity to clear its name.

Support the Pit Bull breed by learning how to properly train your Pit Bull and reporting any possible dog fighting in your area to the police.

Photo source: resqmesociety.blogspot.com

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  • Shasta said:

    As a animal control officer and also as a biker baby that was raised with pitbulls , i have seen both sides and delt w pitbulls all my life! This issue is defintly caused by human errors and nite by the breed alone! As responsible adults we need to acknowledge the sheer power of these animals, learn ti respect that power and use it safely to our advantage as we as humans have done with so many other things in this world! And if pitbulls are so bad, then why is the number one bite case breed German shepherds and chihauhaus.
    If a dog is breed, trained or loved improperly it will have issues no matter what the breed is! The complete losers that participate in dog fighting are only taking advantage of the abilities of this particular breed and its disgusting and needs to be stopped immeditly!I bet if the punishment was a fight to the death for the convicted owners that the numbers of dog fighting would fall to almost nothing!

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