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Do You Own A Yorkshire Terrier – Or Does He Own You?

Yorkshire Terrier need obedience training

Yorkshire Terriers are gorgeous little dogs. Their owners like to dress them up and take them wherever they go. They can be found on leashes, in laps, in arms, in cars, and even in handbags. These little dogs truly become like a child to their owners, and it is easy to see why. Just look at how adorable they are. But when its all said and done, do you own you’re Yorkshire Terrier, or does he own you?

It almost seems that people who do not own Yorkshire Terriers view them as pampered pets. In many cases they are absolutely right. While these were once working dogs, they have become more pampered, and their only job seems to be in being a companion to their owner. But often, the spoiling of these dogs goes so far that the owner actually becomes a companion – or in some cases a slave – to the dog instead of the other way around.

While some spoiling of your Yorkshire Terrier is fine, you shouldn’t cross the line. Otherwise, you really will be a servant to your dog. Just as you would not let a child dictate the running of your home, you cannot allow this precious little dog to take over your life completely either – or make the decisions.

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This is why it is important to establish a schedule early. Yorkshire Terriers are smart dogs, and they adjust nicely to routine schedules. In fact, they prefer to know what to expect, and dislike surprises. There should be a time to wake up, a time to go to sleep, and certain times to eat and play. You need to stick with this schedule as closely as possible each and everyday.

You must teach your Yorkshire Terrier good manners. This may require dog obedience training. He must not jump on furniture that you want him to stay off of. He must not jump up on guests. He must not chew up your shoes, your clothing, or your furniture. If you let him get away with this, it wont be long before your home is literally destroyed, and nobody wants to visit.

Your Yorkshire Terrier also needs table manners. This means that when you are sitting at the dinner table, your Yorkshire Terrier isn’t on top of it eating out of your plate, or jumping up and begging for food. He needs to know what is and is not acceptable. A well behaved Yorkie would never beg for food. Because he has a schedule, he knows when it is time for him to eat, where he will be eating, and he has a pretty good idea as to what you will be feeding him. He wont have a reason to beg for food, unless this is something that you are allowing.

Yorkshire Terriers can be a little vengeful. If you must leave your dog home alone for a few hours, you may come home to find that he has destroyed something. He should be reprimanded, and the next time you leave, he needs to be confined to a place where he cannot destroy anything. Eventually, he will understand that you will come home, and that destroying your things will not make you take him with you. Overall, you can spoil your Yorkshire Terrier a bit. Just make sure that he knows that you are the master, and he is the pet.

Photo source:yorkshireterrierpuppies.wordpress.com

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