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The Secrets Of Dog Training Your Hand Signals

Dog training respond to hand signals

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When you are training your dog to respond to your verbal commands, you can train him to respond to hand signals also. These can be learned in conjunction with the verbal commands and can be very usual in certain situations. There are a few common hand signals that you can teach your dog.

When you are training your dog, the very first command that you should teach him is the sit command. Teach him the verbal command first and then you can incorporate the hand signal. The hand signal for sit is to start with your right arm at your side, bend your arm at the elbow with the palm facing up. Slowly bend the arm until it is above the dogs head. Do this while giving the verbal sit command. Once he seems to have that mastered, do the motion without the verbal command. If he follows the hand signal, praise him immediately and give him a treat.

Once he has the sit command mastered you can teach him the down command. This command will have the dog lay down with head up and paws forward. This is one of the first verbal commands that has a hand signal. Once your dog learns the down command, incorporate the hand signal into the lesson. The hand signal for down is palm down, fingers together and you slowly lower your hand to the ground. Keep your dog focused on your hand signal as he obeys your verbal command. Slowly, verbalize the command in a softer and softer tone until he is able to do the command on hand signal alone.

The next hand signal that you can teach your dog is the come signal. When teaching your dog to come on command use his name first and then say Come. If he comes right away, praise him greatly and give him a treat. If he doesn’t come you may have to pull his leash toward you while saying his name and the word come. Once he has the verbal command mastered, just add the hand signal. The hand signal for come is the same as the hand signal for a person to come. Bend your right arm at the elbow and move in backward toward your left shoulder in one sweeping motion. Make sure you have your dogs undivided attention when using the hand signal.

Teaching your dog hand signals along with the verbal signals can be very usual if you need to get your dog to obey you in a crowded, noisy area. It can also be usual as your dog grows older and his hearing declines. The most important thing is to never hit or spank your dog. You do not want your dog to associate your hands with pain. Be patient with your dog and before you know it he will be obeying your every command!

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