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Practical Hints On Effective Dog Training

Dog training is a science and theories have been written

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Did you know that dog training is a science? Dog training has created a series of studies around the world with the purpose of deepening mans understanding of dogs and increasing the relationship between man and dog.

Dogs in the course of training have been studied and countless theories have been written on them. The learning theory of dog training is a theory that has been propounded based on the messages that a handler sends out to a dog. The learning theory incorporates four necessary messages that constitute the bulk of the training session:

Messages that a handler sends out to a dog

– Release marker: A release marker is also known as a gift marker and is mainly a message that the handler sends out to a dog to let it know that it has flaunted the desirable deeds and has carried a gift. The release marker is almost instantly followed by a present for the dog, which may be a treat, or something the dog particularly likes.

– Keep going signal: This message is handed to the dog while it is in the process of demonstrating a requisite behavior. Mainly, the keep going signal tells a dog that if it keeps up its action, it will get a present. Words such as come on or good commune this to the dog.

– No present marker: The no souvenir marker is used to let a dog know that it has not showed the apposite conduct and will probably have to commence again. Words such as uh-oh or try again are used to express this message.

– Punishment marker: The punishment marker is used to let the dog know that it has not behaved well at all and will receive punishment. A dog knows that it has erred when it receives this message. Words such as no or off are used to put across this.

These four markers are regularly used by dog trainers to tune their dogs into what they want them to do.

Photot source:learn-noweducatingonline.blogspot.com

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