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Helpful Tips On The Most Important Don’ts Of Dog Training

Dont’s for a successful dog training

An untrained dog can be a real pain in the butt and that is a fact. If you really want to enjoy your dog and all its inherent qualities, you will have to train it or have it trained. There are some don’ts that you should know about in the course of training a dog that will enable you have successful dog training session.

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Some Dont’s they are:

– Don’t allow someone else train your dog: Even if you have a expert trainer train your dog, you will need to step in at some point and take over the training in order to let your dog get used to the sound of your voice. Ultimately you train your dog at the end of the day.

– Don’t stop training simply because your dog gets it wrong: Training your dog involves consistency. If you halt training simply because your dog fails a command, it may never get it right at all. Instead, strive to start all over again and keep at it until it does get it right.

– Don’t punish your dog out of anger: Anger should not be the force behind any punishment you may choose to mete out to your dog. If your dog makes you extremely angry, wait for a while to get over the anger before you punish it in order not to do something that you will regret.

– Don’t punish your dog on a recall command: Don’t make the mistake of punishing your dog after you call it to you. If you do so, it will not understand the reason why you are punishing it and may eventually refuse to respond to a recall command.

– Don’t contradict your commands: Use different commands for various actions or deeds. If you use the same word for two various behaviors, you will end up confusing your dog. Consistency in dog training relates to the command words that you use for the dog.

– Don’t hit your dog: Do not make the mistake of hitting your dog if it does not comply with your commands. Physical abuse will only dent the self-esteem of your dog.

Dog training is basically all about understanding the language of your dog and teaching it to understand your own language. Dog training is the perfect blending of your needs and your dog’s needs. Training your dog requires a substantial amount of patience to make it successful.

A dog has self-esteem just as humans do and can get easily hurt. Shouting at your dog when it fails to obey your commands may damage its self-esteem and render it fearful and hesitant. The self-esteem of your dog should be enhanced during dog training and not destroyed.

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