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The best dog chow solutions I found solved the dog food dangers that made the news. The ones where dogs were dying from unsafe commercial dog chow. It seems the rendering of dead animals for dog food was not getting rid of the product or disease that originally killed them, so it was ending up in the food.

The solution I was looking for would have to not only create a better safe dog food, but also be a healthy and natural dog food. To do this I started going around the internet and finding bits and parts of what would be great. The idea of discovering something that would do it all seemed to be more like a cure all snake oil thing and that would not help anyone.

Then I started to see a pattern of things that would work if you could get the information all in one package. The idea of homemade dog chow kept returning in different articles and the benefits were very clear – the wheels were churning. I was still looking but the answer seemed to be all in their diet and exercise. If there was truth in what they were saying, the homemade natural food could prolong life by up to seven years and even make them smarter. It could reduce weight problems and solve the finicky eating that shows up in some breeds so often. The diet could solve skin problems and kidney stones and greatly reduce pricey veterinary visits. I found an article about all of this and more it covered all aspects of feeding your dogs and keeping them healthy, it was like it was written for me and it had more information than I had found so far. This was more and more like the solution I was looking for. It proved to be the best dog chow information.

[caption id="attachment_1565" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Healthy Dog Food"]safe healthy dog food bowl[/caption]

I am very excited about this product because so many people have been needing this for so long. Reason one – our dogs deserve it. There is no better feeling than having a happy, healthy dog to be proud of.

There are so many dog food dangers with using processed, commercial food. Wouldn’t it be great to know what healthy ingredients should be in your puppy food and be able to feel that you are giving your dogs the best and healthiest food?

Well, when I thought about it, it reminded me of the time we lost a batch of puppies to a food related problem. Back then I would have given anything to have a product like this one. I still think about those puppies whenever I see a spaniel.

The other part of this product is it has a free forum for pet owners to ask any questions or just socialize with like minded people. I am finding that forums are one of the best online resources. Its like having a twenty-four seven help line or having a classroom you can enter at will.

All puppy owners have questions at times, as they can be a real test of your love of dogs at times. The good thing is talking to others or just to help us remember how to treat problems. I am finding as I get older I tend to forget some important things I learned years ago, like using a old clock to help a puppy get to sleep because it is like a heartbeat.

Photo source:¨dogcare-training.blogspot.com

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