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Its Easy To Train German Shepherds

Train German Shepherds dog breed for real companionship

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You have a new puppy at home? That is really great since German Shepherds will give you real companionship that comes with loyalty, and commitment to protect you whatever happens. They are really smart, very active, and trainable. So, this early you can really have fun teaching your puppy some tricks that he can master as he grows.

Like a baby, a puppy is very much curious about his surroundings. Make sure you keep him safe and protect him from harm as he plays around.

If the puppy is to live indoors, the first thing to teach is potty. The most important thing to remember is to never punish the dog for not understanding you. If you want them to behave properly according to your standards, you should patiently train them. Training German Shepherds will be an easy task since they are eager to please and are obedient.

The initial step to potty training is to place the dog in a crate where he is free to turn around but just enough to accommodate him when hes lying down. Dogs will not want to use their sleeping area for their comfort room. This way, he will learn that the crate is his space and he will get the idea. It is also important to take him out for comfort time after meals, after naps, and after drinking water. Whenever he behaves properly, you should praise him so he will know that that is good behavior.

For training a pup, it is best to keep him in a leash so you can watch his moves. If he acts like he needs to go, by moving in circles, you can take him out easily. Whenever he does something good, praise him. Dogs chew a lot and to train them to chew on their toys only, teach by praising too.

Aside from the training, German Shepherds need to go out and be in active play. They are naturally very active dogs so letting them go out on walks or romps can keep them happy and healthy.

When he goes out for the first time, make sure you take him to the vet for immediate checkup. A regular visit to the vet is necessary for checkups, vaccines, and treatments for ticks, fleas, and worms.

Ask the vet about the proper diet for your dog. You should know what nutrients he needs to stay strong and healthy. The amount of nutrients and how frequently he needs them are things to know. Regulate his food intake so that he wont get fat.

German Shepherds are very playful dogs. Their pups are really enjoyable little ones to behold so treasure the moments when they’re still puppies because they will grow to become more sedate and calmer as adults.

Photo source:¨thegermanshepard.blogspot.com

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