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Dog breeds and characteristics of several kinds of dogs

In spite of the fact that dogs all have similar traits and characteristics, there are things that separate one dog from another. There are different breeds of dogs and with these breeds of dogs come different behaviors and skills. Some dogs are more trainable than others and there is a need for you to understand the kinds of dogs available so that you select the one that best suits your needs. Dog vary in skill and in function as well as looks. There are several kinds of dogs that are trained to exhibit inherent skills. The following are sets of dogs that are trained according to what they are naturally good at:

– Detection dogs: Detection dogs are especially trained to detect things or folks. Detection dogs are used by the police force to obtain or recover missing or lost things.

– Assistance dogs: Assistance dogs refer to dogs that are trained to assist folks. These dogs are born with a natural gift for taking care of people. Assistance dogs include those that are trained to lead blind individuals or look after disabled folks. They are naturally sensitive to the needs of their owners and tend to anticipate their needs.

– Herding dogs: Herding dogs are dogs that are used to protect and guide cattle or sheep and goats. Herding dogs herd. That is what they are good at. They are trained to check that not a single cow, sheep or goat is lost on the way and are also trained to keep a sharp eye on predators.

– Guard dogs: Guard dogs are trained to offer security and protection to people and property. Guard dogs are naturally territorial and are trained to exhibit that territorial trait when it is necessary. Guard dogs are trained to either be in attack mode when their owners are away or at ease mode when the owner is back.

[caption id="attachment_1604" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Dog breeds chart comparing breeds"]dog breeds chart comparing breeds[/caption]

The kind of dog you want will depend to a large extent on your purpose for it so, choose with care.

Even if you send your dog away to training school, you will eventually have to be present at a point during the training to learn all about the commands your dog is responding to. Contrary to what some people think, a dog cannot be trained in your absence because you need to be the one to issue out the commands. Your dog needs to get used to your tone of voice before it responds to any command that you issue.

Photo source:mydogs4you.blogspot.com

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