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Dog is the best animal in the world. It is the most loyal companion a man can have and probably even more trustworthy than your spouse. Dogs are the best choice to make if you want a four-legged animal that is smart, trustworthy and responsive, all at the same time. Many dogs are hyperactive and trouble makers as a puppy, but grow out of it with in a year. If you are dealing with a young pup, you must start training as soon as possible.

The longer you wait to put your dog into training, the more your stress will be with your dog. Some pups can be house trained at the age of three months, others may take longer. It depends on its IQ. When selecting a puppy that will someday perform the role of backyard guardian in your home, keep these characteristics drilled in mind: Moderate aggressiveness, Alertness/intelligence.

Without any basic dog obedience training, a dog may well still be a great companion and friend for you, but how do you know that your dog is safe, and consistent in all situations? You don’t know.

The time you get your dog is the time you start working with your dog. Let take a brief look at some of the basics training for your dog. It is imperative that all dogs should learn their name before they learn anything else. One of the first things to consider is that you will need to be sure to reward your dog for performing an accurate task, and you will have to control them in some way for being a bad dog. When disciplining the dog keep in mind that you are aware about it and do not hurt your pet. Then again, the dog should enjoy the training.

Dogs don’t speak human language therefore communicate with your dog using hand signals, body language, and your voice. This unique method of communication will build up the bond between you and your dog, enhancing a permanent and loving relationship. Training social skills is a continuous and long term process. Most dogs succeed on the certainty of routine. Take the time to command the dog to sit before you open a door or introduce the dog to a new person, or set its food down in front of it.

Every well-mannered dog should know at least five basic commands: heel, sit, down, stay and come. It is no good to teach your dog a command that you are never going to use such as bomb or drugs searching, or swimming. It is a true fact, that a well-trained dog is a happier dog and a well-trained dog enjoys much more affection and positive attention. Until then, have fun with your dog.

Photo source:caredoghealth.blogspot.com

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