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Know About A Blue Nose Pitbull Dog

Blue nose pitbull dogs characteristic

The blue nose pitbull dogs are often considered as interbreed. Many pit bull breeders would generally like to make people think that blue nose pitbulls which also popularly known or blue pits, are the most worthy deal than any other pit bulls having different other colors but this is very incorrect fact. However the blue nose pitbulls certainly have some different characteristic which separates them from the other breed of pit dogs which are discussed below.

It is very obvious that all the pitbulls are differentiated on the basis of their characteristics not because of their coloring. Though the blue nose pitbulls are most beautiful ones and also make good pets. But you need know about their detail before you go choosing to purchase or selecting one as a pet.

Unlike the other pitbull dogs, the blue nose pitbulls are not generally considered as great guard dogs. Usually most people choose pit bulls breeds to ensure better protection as they want a great dog as their guard. It is very true that while pit bulls comprising the entire breed (including the blue nose) generally seen showing vicious loyalty for their masters, otherwise they are normally considered as a very friendly pet, easily socialized with human. Although blue nose pitbulls or any other pits dogs can go through training process for being a brilliant guard dogs, but you need to ensure that they undergo a training which is generally done by a professional.

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The pitbull dogs are often caught exhibiting animal aggression. As pitbull dogs are never usually considered as aggressive animal to the humans, but they definitely caries animal aggressive. This clear means that one should not let go a pit bull dog alone with other kids or other animals. It is very important that you always supervise them even if they have played along you for years. It might happen that your blue nose pitbull turn hostile to any uncomfortable circumstances.

The blue nose pitbulls are always considered as stubborn hence obedience training process is suggested despite you see your blue nose pit to be most well-mannered. Always remember that your pitbull is one of the strongest dogs, it is better that you put training some particular place to avoid any uncertain situation.

Also remember that they have the talent of jumping. Your blue nose pit bull is a very strong dog, considered always lively. Many a time if he notices anything interesting over a four or five foot fence, there is a very probable chance that he might go over. That is the reason why a privacy fence is always considered as a better option than any normal chain link, particularly if your home in near to a busy street. The blue nose pit bulls are the most beautiful animals and are very adored as wonderful pets. But you have to make sure that you just not have to get trapped into paying premiums only because the dog has a different color. Better you adopt one from a shelter and save your money, and a life.

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  • Jake said:

    I have a blue nose femal named Mika and she totally fits this discription of the breed. She is as much a part of our family as anyone too. She is very smart and outgoing and friendly. But stubborn and winey too. With training though she has become the best dog I have ever had.

  • david said:

    my 6 mo. bluenose seems to read my mind.she is friendly and very socialized.a 3 yr old walked her and she didnt pull at all.a toy poodle was snarling and nipping at her and “lucy” just let her.No aggression what so ever.lucy is black with 4 white paws and a white gotee.everyone says she is beautifull.

  • krock said:

    I have a blue-nose he is 1 year and 4-months now’ He is a beast! His name is steel’ He loves kids! Loves people as long as they r friendly them-selfs’ He is very loyal too me! He loves too run,play,and please his family! He dont like squrrels,cats, or aggressive dogs’ He likes dogs that like him’ He is my best-friend! I had a rednose for 9 years’ He passed away last summer :( They r the best breed’ And if u want a guard-dog they r good! They will bark,and never back down’ Protective wise~ If they r trained well or loved well they will protect there family’ My boy loves all people! But if u get loud or act like an ass he gets aggresive towards you then’ Other then that he is the best! i recommend this breed too anyone that wants a loyal good dog! They r stubborn but awesome….

  • Rex said:

    I just got a blue nose 6 weeks ago. He is 12 weeks now and I am already sure I made the best possible decision in choosing the perfect dog. I read that pitbulls are intelligent, but I can comment on that by personal experience. My boy, Prince, is very smart and seems to understand things without to much coaxing. He is stubborn, mischievous and demanding, but loyal, fearless and very energetic. He is my second Pitbull and I will never own another breed (except for my cocker spanial, Buddy, who is awesome. I got him by marriage…

  • Javier said:

    I just bought a 1 month blu nose pitbull he is verry sweet I love to have him around. He lets me know when he has to go to the bathroom..he is very cute..he ia a boy..happy owner…:-)

  • dastepper1 said:

    i have a 7mos old blue boy his name is spartacus AND he is a warrior ! he starting to get aggresive but he is house broken and he know when i am mad at him !!when they say man best friend !!they were right !! i had him a week and he is a good dog !!! to ALL PIT OWNERS !! WE HAVE SECURITY DOG & PETS JUST TREAT EM AND THEY WONT LET U DOWN !!

  • Kaylin said:

    I have a 1 year old female pit named jayda .she is a great dog but could be really stubborn sometimes.she is in training right now but still needs lots of work .she is also the best dog in the world.

  • Rex said:

    I have blue nose that is 14 weeks now and is doing great! When he gets hyper and playful he can be a handful, meaning he jumps around, bites too hard and will not take no for an answer. But, at other times he listens well, shows lots of love and and will stop unwanted behavior when I say no. I would like to get him to listen and respond at ALL times. I am afraid that he doesnt see me as the “pack leader” yet. Any ideas on getting him to that point?

  • Pam said:

    My friend gave me a female blue nose pit. I’ve only had her for 5 days. Karma is 8 weeks old and very hyped. This is my first pit and already I’m in love. Any advice that can be given would be appreciated.

  • Melinda said:

    I have 2 blue nose pits and let me tell you they are fun and a handful. My boy Gage who is 11 months is super lazy and smart… he learned to open the front door and pick the latches on his kennel. My female Gracy who is 7 months old, she is hyper but when it’s nap time you can’t move her… bot of them are 66lbs. I tell you what I would not want any other pups they are they best I have had and they both are beautiful too. Gage is the typical blue nose and Gracy looks like she is trying to be a dalmatian with blue spots.

  • dustin said:

    i have a male bluenose puppy he is an amazing little boy pretty smart for his age which is only seven weeks his name is zeus love my wife kids and pretty much anyone who will show him attention my only concern with him is that hes already showing acts of aggression toward other dogs big or small he just dont care on that note hes full of courage and is very prideful great boy though i will continue to watch his aggression towards other animals and like we say judge the breed not the deed

  • Rex said:

    Are you sure it’s aggression and not puppy play? Most pups want to play with their own kind and can be rough if they don’t have enough practice. Also, remember that although most adult behavior is a direct result of how a dog is raised, some traits are bred into animals purposely. This takes many years, sometimes hundred of years and so you can’t really train these traits out of them. Pitbull were bred to be animal aggressive and specifically dog aggressive, but people friendly. This was so they would fight instantly, but still be able to be handled by humans. You can lessen the extent of your dogs aggression, but you can’t, let me repeat, you CAN’T completely stop his natural instinct.
    Please read as much as you can about the breed and really pay attention. Owning a pitbull is a huge responsibility and you must always take extra precautions to ensure the safety of other animals and people. Pits are, in my opinion, the best overall breed there is, but not for everyone.

  • Wankisislife said:

    This about pin pointed my pup. He was a very loving, happy, amazing dog! Very friendly with people and and loved little ones. But sadly, Gustavo got sick with parvo.

  • Shell said:

    we just got a blue nose a week ago and at the time we got him, he was only 6 weeks old, omg how fast he has grown! I was wondering if anyone had any advise on how you could train them without going to a professional. if anyone can give me some advice that would be greatly appreciated.

  • al said:

    To those training your puppies or dogs, take them for a walk or some kind of activity before training sessions, they have an over abundance of strength and energy to burn , before they can actually learn. Use treats when they follow commands, and I think the most important thing to teach, is come and the no.those two commands can actually save your dogs lives. Have fun their great dogs. Happy holidays.

  • Rachel said:

    We have a 1 year old female, and a 3 yera old male. They are both of the sweetest animals in the world. We mated the female with a different male, she delivered 9 of the cutest blue nose american bully puppies. However, 11 dogs is definitely NOT an option for us. Please visit our website or help us spread the word. We have six puppies available for sale 2 weeks afte January 19, 2013, to loving homes. Please go to our website http://www.blueraybullys.com or visit our YouTube channel BlueRay Bullys. Thank you and Happy New Year.

  • lyssa said:

    i have a girl named nadia and i swear she is the worst dog she is so bad and scarey. taught her right.

  • Eric said:

    I have a 3 month old blue nose. By far this is the most stubborn puppy I have ever had in my life. I have had him approximately 3 weeks and the potty training ordeal continues. I don’t blame him as the conditions from where I got him where are such that he could potty at his own free will and wherever he felt like it. this gave me Paul’s but I saw a beautiful puppy.

    Training him well that’s been a totally different story. He responds well and he enjoys attention and interactions. He is not aggressive at all. He nips like all puppies do but nothing where he tries to pierced skin or cause any type of harm. No food aggression. No toy aggression. Nothing abnormal.

    He runs what my wife calls “laps” around our bungalow where he starts in the living room – behind the couch- and shoots around the dining room table, through the kitchen, into the back porch, and does *180’s till he cant see straight. I love it. Shes usually on the phone and we have hardwood floors so ……. hehehe.

    Bottom line: I’ve lived with rottweilers, German shepherds, Dobermans and some small breeds I’ll leave unnamed.. pitbulls are the best. Hands down. But this particular blue nose ( Onyx is his name) is going to be special. I disagree with the author about the guard dog part. I have a family. Daughter’s and a wife. A properly raised AND trained dog will “defend” aka “guard” a) his owner; b) his home/domain.  

    This one is three months and i see the potential he has and I’ll do everything i can to bring it out. He deserves it.

  • Mike said:

    Spud is 8 weeks old. Sire blue nose pit, dam 1/2 border collie 1/2 McNab. These dogs are bred for pig hunting and working bucking bulls. We’re 3 days into our partnership and this 17# tank displays all the pit conformation and attitude. I’ve found bacon to be a great help in coming to terms so far.

  • Amanda S said:

    I have a 2 1/2 year old Blue nosed pitbull named Lola. She is the best dog ever. I got her when she was 5 weeks old. She is excellent with my 3 boys who love to rough house with her and she is extremely smart. I hate that pitbulls get a bad rap as the big mean monsters that they are portrayed to be. It is all about how they are raised!

  • Trisha said:

    I have a 4 month old blue nosed pitbull named Chiips… I have never owned a dog prior to Chiips. I loved this dog, my brother-in-law give him to me, he was the runt of the bunch. We nursed him to health. He is loving, playful and very smart. He can be stubborn so I just let him have a moment to follow through with my request, and he always does. He is work in progress but we can not image life without him.

  • Tylajwon said:

    I have an 8 month old blue nose pitbull, and her name is Dahlia. I received her at 5wks. She came to use with a damaged eye, which we knew she would soon lose. We nursed her to health, because to be honest I was scared she wasn’t going to make it. Dahlia now weighs at least 40-50lbs and is as happy and spoiled as can be. SHE IS SOOO STUBBORN! She is house trained yet will still have an accident. As far as for the jumping…this dog can jump so high that it’s ridiculous. I think that she get a kick out of it. Flips and all. She is very strong. Broke her new chain in 2days. Not aggressive at all. Very playful and messy. I’m convinced Dahlia will have to have training. She’s so stubborn! Starting to look like a tall dalmation with spots here too. This baby red nose we just received is something of a different breed though! Yikes!!!!!!!!

  • molly said:

    i reading some stories….nobody should bring a puppy home whomis under eight weeks old if you do its bad for the pupoy and the breeder is ot rightjust trying to make oney

  • Ken said:

    I adopted a 2yr old female bluenose 2 yrs ago and I must say she is the most loveing dog that I’ve ever had.stubborn,yes.but most loveing. I will never own another breed of dog.

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