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The importance of choosing the right dog collar

If you are a dog owner then you understand the importance of choosing the right dog collar. There are many dog collars choices available in a variety of styles and materials. The right one for you and your pet will depend greatly on your specific needs. Dog collars serve many purposes from identification, training, or to simply look good.

Leather and nylon dog collars are the more traditional choices available, with leather being the most durable and long lasting, they also tend to be more expensive than nylon, and may not be the most economical choice for that growing pup. Nylon is lightweight, breathable and usually washable. If your furry friend will be wearing a collar at all times or if you have a smaller dog you might opt for a nylon collar for comfort. Eco-friendly dog collars have also become quite popular in recent years in choices of materials like hemp, bamboo and recycled plastic. Easy to clean and stink proof may sound pretty appealing, nylon dog collars coated in polyurethane do not absorb liquids or odors and wipe clean are a great option.

[caption id="attachment_660" align="aligncenter" width="235" caption="English Bulldog dog collar"]Dog collars leather nylon eco-friendly dog collar betty English Bulldog small dog large dog miniature[/caption]

Another important variation is the closure style. Buckle types are strong and dependable, but if you attach and remove a dog collar often then the snap closure is best for you. While harnesses usually offer a level of comfort for most dogs, they are usually a better choice for smaller dogs. A harness offers less control and this is worth considering if you have a larger dog that might pull hard or run. Velcro closures are another option but again would be best for “toy” or miniature dogs because of the greater likelihood of undoing. Slip or “choke”  dog collars are primarily used for training purposes and if not used appropriately can cause trauma and be considered abusive. Choke dog collars should never be used on puppies. When using any training collar or tool be sure and seek professional instruction as to the use of these tools. Limited slip collars are also available; they serve basically the same training purposes as a slip collar but are designed to stop tightening before constricting the dog’s neck.

Maybe your posh pup is a bit more high maintenance. There are fashion dog collars to suit all types and imaginations. Adornments such as flowers, beads and rhinestones can turn a practical plain dog collar into the perfect canine accessory. Novelty prints can be found to make any type statement you wish, whether to brag on your “Princess Pooch” or warn others to “Beware of the Bulldog”. Lighted dog collars can be cute but also come in handy if you are headed out on a weekend camping trip or maybe just a nightly walk to make sure your best friend doesn’t get lost.

No matter what type of dog collar you choose be sure to keep you and your dog’s safety and comfort in mind.

Photo source: alibuttons.tumblr.com

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