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Pit bull dog, sometimes known as pit bull American Terrier is a dog that belongs to the Molosser breed. This is a group of dogs characterized by large muscles, short muzzle, pendant ears and thick heavy bones. They are very muscular and have been used as cart dogs, in herding and as protection and guard dogs. The dogs have a lot of loyalty, devotion and strong will are stubborn and are always eager to please. Other breeds that belong to this category are American bulldog, Antebellum bulldog, Argentine Dogo, Boston Terrier, Bandog, Akbash dogand several others. Information about this breed can be obtained from hubpages on Molosser breed.

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The Pit bull Dog

Pit bull dog has a history that links to its temperament and aggression. The breed was developed for fights and was used in bear baiting, bull baiting and in dog fights. They are therefore very aggressive and should never be left un-supervised with other dogs. Their aggression is evident especially after reaching the maturity age. They like stalking small animals like chicken, cats, livestock and rats because of their powerful prey drive.

There temperament is also considered bad although in most cases, if the owner knows how to train the dog and the characteristics it should have, the problem of temperament should not exist at all. A dog that shows bad temperament and high human aggression should not be bred at all.

These are not just dogs to be kept at home by any person who would love a dog for a pet. The dogs have a lot of power and need exercise to ensure their muscles and energy, are put to some work. Without that, the dog can find other things to do with its energy which might not be pleasant. They are however intelligent and love people. If not trained on good manners early enough (when they are still young), they might get used to lying on people’s laps as big as they are.

Pit bull dogs have been labeled as dangerous by the media, something which most people, who breed it, consider a misunderstanding. They have no aggression towards human except in a few cases, and when they are mistreated and bred for fighting. They are outgoing, confident and desire love and attention from the humans.

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Red nose and Blue Nose pit bull dogs

There are different types of pit bull dogs classified by the color of their noses. There are; the red nose pitbulls, the blue nose pitbulls and the black nose pitbulls. These dogs are not different from each other except by the color of their nose. At one time, the red nose bull dominated in fights and gained most people’s attention, and it is said that some breeders took advantage of this dominance to promote the blue nose pit bull at the time. Both blue and red nose pit bulls are just American pit bull terriers.

Red nose pit bulls vs Blue nose pit bulls

A lot of information about pit bulls shows that they are homeless because of the breeding programs currently adapted, and the wrong perception about their level of aggression. It is not clear the reason as to why breeders focus on blue, black or red pit bull colors, but it may be because of their dominance. Most breeders focus on appearance, and not on the physical health and dependability of their temperament. Breeding these dogs for fights is also another detrimental factor to the breed. Pit bulls are working dogs, with a lot of physical strength, determination, courage and friendliness for humans. They should not be mistaken for vicious dogs with high aggression towards humans.

Photo source:lemoldman.blogspot.com

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  • samantha rivera said:

    pitbulls are not dangers.they are dangous if there own teaches them how to be bad

  • Theresa Michaels said:

    Who ever the author is of this website is a moron. I have yet to see an aggressive pit bull. Pit bulls like any other breed CAN be aggresive if TRAINED that way…but it is not found a genetic marker. My red nosed pit bull is a rescue from a kill shelter. He had cigarette burns all over his body and was starved by the shelter in anticipation he would be put down. HOW DARE THEY! He is the biggest loving dog I have ever known. I have fostered many of dogs and he was such a good baby I adopted him. There is NO way that this baby can be so lovey and tame if he had that predisposed demeanor that you speak of in this published article. Get your facts straight. It’s people like you that spread the malicious lies about pit bulls to scare the public away from such a big hearted loving dog. Sure-they are strong and YES they are good to protect your heards…but they don’t HUNT-they protect-just like any other breed.

  • Jamie said:

    My family and I have a pittbull and he is the most loving dog . Hyper at times but he just loves our kids and he is always full of giving kisses. I hate that these animals have a label put on them. They are the most misunderstood dog by people because of the idiots out there who raise them for the wrong reason. Our pit was raised with our pug and its funny because she’s the boss and he looks up to her with respect even though he’s 3 times her size. Love these animals don’t hate them. I feel they are a blessing to have and people need to give them a chance!! They are truly a family dog not a fighting dog!!

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