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How to house train dogs – how to train my dog knowledge base

Why someone should train their dog?

We cannot get into their psychology, but dogs need training, because it helps them to adopt better to our world.

For example, obedience training builds confidence in your dog. Giving them some structure and focused attention increases their desire to listen and respond to you.

Plus, when training dogs you also train humans – and this important. The combination of “dog training” with “human training” makes them understand each other better and “talk” the same language. This brings coherence into their relations.

When it comes down to service dog training, this is a noble purpose, but make sure you know if the service dog training you’re investigating for your own animal is legitimate. For example, the disability has to affect a major life function and that the dog has to be individually trained to assist the disabled person.

What basic tips should I know to start training my dog?

First of all, try to think like a dog.

When you understand why your dog is behaving a certain way, you can better address this dog. Many owners hate to hear their dog bark incessantly, but they bark when they perceive a threat or danger. Isn’t it better to address the reason why your dog barks? And the solution becomes simple – socialize the dog and your pet will not feel much danger from the strangers.

Then, make sure to reward good behavior.

Dogs need positive attention from their owners. And when you combine that with rewarding the dog for doing the proper thing, this works like magic. Dogs simply do not have reasoning ability.

Never forget their attention span.

Making a big poo on the carpet 20 minutes ago has nothing to do with what your dog is thinking about right now. That is why catching in the act is the most important element. Then it’s a waste of time.

Types of dog training

Basic dog training – teaches dogs to sit, stay, and come. It also is about socialization skills that teach your dog to get along with other dogs and people.

Intermediate dog training (for adult dogs who have passed through basic dog training) – teach dogs to heel, walk proper on a leash, fetch and return.

Advanced dog training (for adult dogs who have taken 1+ year dog training course) – teaches your dog to walk beside you without a leash, to stay beside you at all times, to pay attention to you and to avoid distractions.

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  • Teala said:

    We help our dogs and ourselves when we train them properly. We do learn right along with them and this bonds us together. And you are so right about catching them in the act. They live in the now and what they did 5 minutes ago is already forgotten.If more people would understand this there would be less dogs in pounds and being abused in the world . Nice article.

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