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Overview of dog house training

House training a dog can be challenging for a dog owner but if you are concerned about your pet and your relationship with him then you should try to at least train him in terms of the proper places to urinate and to defecate. House training a dog can be a test of willpower for both your dog and you included. You have to be very patient and avoid shouting at your dog if he accidentally does his thing inside the home despite your earnest efforts to house train him.

Start your dog house training

To start your dog in the house training process, it is important that you should establish a good working relationship with him. It may sound crazy, but try to talk to your dog by sharing words of encouragement to him. He may not interpret every word that you say, but he can feel the dedication you give to make him a better dog. For training on his elimination manners, you should try to open the areas at your home, and locate where your dog goes when he has the urge to defecate. Probable he will go to the gardens or any place he considers as private for such an activity to do. Take note of the place, and allow him to go to that place again and again if he feels urges to drop his waste. But if he is littering anywhere around the house, try to transport him outside if you notice his actions at once. Do it for several times until it will stick to his thoughts that you want him to defecate outside the house and not inside the house.

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Moreover, when your dog is urinating somewhere else than where you want him to be, it is important to do the same thing as to when he is defecating. He will probably pee in places outside your house, and he will leave a mark on that place instantly. Allowing him to do it in a constant manner will give him the initiative that the right pee place is the one you desired for him. You should also limit your dog’s oral fluid intake, so that his bladder contents and movements will be controlled. Doing so will give some adjustments to your dog’s urinating time of at least four hours interval. Some dogs that are poorly trained on this aspect will urinate every hour in any place they want to.

Dog obedience

Another dog house training you can do is dog obedience. It is helpful for both the owner and the dog. You can do this by strengthening your bond with your dog and by teaching him proper communication. Knowing how to communicate with your dog makes it easy for you to make him obey your commands. You should utter it loud over and over again so your dog can remember them. While it is true that dog house training is a complex task, you should also remember that doing such is also advantageous not only to your dog, but to you as the owner. Keeping in mind that he is part of the family makes the task easier to execute. It’s just like raising a little baby boy, teaching him the proper ways to behave.

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