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Learning and upbringing training of Yorkshire terrier puppies

Rules to remember for a Yorkshire terrier training

Educational training of Yorkshire terrier differs from learning one only by the fact that encouraging is mainly used in it coercion is not applied at all, but the prohibition is used only in mild forms. Generally speaking, the separation into upbringing training and learning is arbitrary to a large extent, since during upbringing the “foundation” of the future successful training is laid.

The basic rule that each owner of Yorkshire terrier must remember: never use violence in education and training. This way you can completely ruin its character. The greatest thing in the dog breed Yorkshire terrier – is its pride, elegance and confidence. With gentle but firm and serious manners you will reach more than with violence, brutality and cruelty. Rough treatment with Yorkie puppy usually leads to the irrevocable loss of its best qualities.

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The basic condition of any dog training is a complete contact between the dog and trainer. Modern Yorkshire terrier has inherited from its ancestors many valuable qualities that make it one of the most easily manageable breeds of dogs. As a rule, Yorkies like to train. Therefore, it makes no sense “to force an open door.” From the first day of your communication with the dog try to achieve full contact based on trust and mutual understanding.

It is also necessary to remember that Yorkshire terrier,  is a subtle nature and responds instantly to every mood swings. Therefore proceed to its training only if you have a good mood and there are no other worries.

Yorkshire terrier is not a toy to children

Yorkshire terrier, given for education to children, is often a toy for them. This is unacceptable!

A Yorkie puppy should not do that you cannot allow an adult dog. Any unwanted action of the puppy must be immediately stopped and prevented. If your Yorkie puppy behaved disgracefully several times, it will turn into a bad habit.

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