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Tips how to train a dog to stop jumping up on people

Dog jumping up on people a common dog behavior problem

Is your dog jumping up on people? Are you embarrassed when your pet greets your guests by putting it’s dirty paws all over your visitor’s clean clothes? Do you want to learn how to teach your dog to quit greeting you by jumping up? With these tips you can easily teach your dog how to stop jumping up on people.

As a dog owner, I am sure you are familiar with this common problem. When you bring a friend or family member home your four-legged friend passionately greets them by jumping up on them. As a result you are either too embarrassed to bring people over to your house or people are hesitant to visit for fear that they will be annoyed by your overly friendly pooch. To solve the dilemma, your faithful companion is locked away or left outside when you have company. Follow these easy tricks to teach your dog to stop jumping up on you and your guests

Training your dog to not jump up on people tips

train dog stop jumping up on people
Teach dog not to jump on people

Practice these techniques every time you come home or go into the yard to avoid reinforcing the wrong behavior and having setbacks in training your dog to not jump up on people. One of the best ways to stop your dog from jumping up on you in greeting is to not be overly enthusiastic when you greet them. Always greet your dog in a calm manner. Avoid looking at or talking to your dog when you first come home or go into the yard. When your dog is calmly standing or sitting next to you, squat or kneel down and greet them by holding your open hands toward them with your palms up and offering praise.

Try to stop your dog from jumping up by putting one or both hands in front of you and holding still. When they are not jumping up on you and are calmly waiting for your affection, tell them “Good Off” and then reward them by greeting them or offering them a treat. Resist the urge to give them the “Off” command until they have demonstrated the correct behavior. It is best not to introduce verbal commands at first. They will learn the command by having the right action associated with it.

Knowing how to react when your dog starts jumping up is very important. As you probably know, shouting at them to “get off” and shoving them away doesn’t work. Becoming angry and yelling will only cause them to get even more excited as they may misinterpret your anger as excitement. In the same respect, forcefully pushing them away from you could be interpreted as a form of play. The best solution is to turn your back and ignore them. As you do this, calmly ask them to sit. Do not repeatedly shout at them to sit if they continue to jump, just say the command once, wait for them to calm down and then ask them to sit again. Repeat the process if they continue to jump. When they are sitting calmly, turn and greet them.

Once your dog has learned to quit jumping up on you in greeting, you can train them to not jump up on your guests. If they no longer jump up on you, chances are they will now greet your guests in the same manner. Before you open the door for a guest or let them into the house, give your dog the “Off” command in a firm voice. Ask your guests to not look at or speak to your dog if they jump up on them. Ask them to only greet your dog when they are sitting calmly. Try to enlist the help of a few friends and family members who will help you with this training. Repeating this technique with several different people will help teach your dog not to jump up on all of the people you invite into your home, not just members of your household.

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  • Kathryn Smith said:

    My dog has a huge problem with jumping and it pisses me off because I get yelled at by family members that i need to train my dog. I ask them nicely if they could follow a few steps to help with training her not to jump. But my mother in law insists on laughing and thinking its cute when my dog jumps on her and humps her arm out of excitement. Its not like i can just not let her around my dogs because she lives across the street. So I really need help with some kind of solution to solve this problem. I get mad every time because no matter what i say she doesn’t listen to what I ask her to do or say to my dog to help with training. PLEASE help!!!

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