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Choosing a Dog Name

Naming your puppy

Are you ready to introduce a new member to your family? If so, dogs are great for this! Whether you choose a small or large, black or tan, curly or straight haired dog, they are all cute and unique in their own way.

Now, besides getting all the necessary supplies they need, dogs need a name that fits them well. What are some things you should consider before permanently naming them?

Tips for Choosing Your New Dog’s Name

Browse female and male names

Whether you have a male or female puppy, you’ll want to browse some of the names there are to choose from. Whether you search books at the library, come up with them yourself or you search online, there are several great names for each gender. This at least cuts your searching in half.

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Come up with a name that means something

You may want to name your dog by choosing a name that has a meaning. For example, if you and your new spouse just moved to a new state, you could name the dog something that has meaning to you two with your new experience together. For example, the dogs name could be “journey” because it’s a new journey for you two, it could be the city you live in, anything really.


When you look at your dog, what is the first impression you get from them? Whether they’re playful, quiet or yappy, you could turn your dog’s name into something that resembles their personality or first impression. For example, if you have a dog that’s sort of lazy and not too energetic, you could call them “Pokie.” Now, if you have a dog that’s always bouncing off the walls, you could name them “Taz.” There are so many first impressions dogs can give and so many great names to go along with their personality.

Most popular ones to consider

If you search dog names online, you will find thousands, if not hundreds of names to choose from. Some are more popular than others, and some are a lot more common. Between those popular names such as, “Laci”, “Bailey” or names like “Rover”, there are many popular names that you may want to consider. These names are great if you can’t think of a certain meaning for the dog or if you never really got a certain first impression from your dog. These names are popular for a reason and may fit your dog’s looks, as well as personality very nicely.

Popular dog names

Some example popular dog names is “Buddy” for male dog which means good friend, “Mambo” a Latin America word for male dog which means voodoo priestess, “Sam”, “Sammie” or “Samantha” (which means “listener”), “Diana” a name for female dogs which means divine, heavenly, “Max”, “Maxie”, “Maxwel”l or “Maxine” a Latin word which means “the greatest”, “Hesper” a male dog name which means “evening star” a Greek word. Other very popular dog names in North America are Lady, followed by Bear, Maggie, Buddy, Tasha, Chelsea (or Chelsie), Holly and Shasta Brandy, Ginger and Taffy.

As you can see, there is quite a bit to think about when it comes to choosing your new dog’s name. You want something that just sort of “fits” them and their personality and you want something that everyone can agree on. Before you rush into any old name, be sure to think about it for a while, as this name will be forever with them and your family!

What’s your favorite dog name…?

Photo source:dog-names.blogspot.com

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