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Freedom of Choice – Which Food for Your Dog

Choosing a premium dog food over a cheaper brand is already a step in the right direction for your dog’s health and happiness. Most high end dog foods use top quality ingredients and provide vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and other beneficial food stuffs in order to keep allergy, muscle, joint and digestive problems at bay. But choosing the right premium dog food from the broad selection available is very important and will depend on the age, breed and physiological condition (i.e. level of exercise and other factors such as breeding) of your pet.

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Burns Dog Food have created a formula for working dogs that realises a flaw in the recipe of common working dog foods. Where traditional foods for working dogs focus on high protein and fat in order to provide enough energy for high physical activity, Burns Alert Canine is designed to provide working dogs with high mental energy levels. Working dogs – guide, police and therapy dogs for example – can be physically inactive for prolonged periods. They will need limited protein and fat levels instead otherwise they will struggle to digest the food and it may result in weight problems.

Royal Canin Dog Food provides a very extensive range of foods that cover a variety of dog types. They produce breed-specific foods that take into account nutritional requirements and the particular way each breed uses it mouth to pick up its food. For example, Royal Canin Pug 25 dog food is designed to be easily gripped by the mouth as Pugs have a very short, broad skull structure, and also contains vitamins and minerals to prevent muscle strain – a common problem in Pugs.

Arden Grange dog food has developed its Prestige dog food as a rich in chicken recipe that is high in protein for working dogs and show dogs. It is also very palatable for fussy eaters. Many brands also provide foods for mothers (whether pregnant, lactating or weaning) and puppies of varying sizes.

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