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High Pet Food Standards!

The difference between premium pet foods and your standard pet foods are simple: the price, and the quality. You are paying for that extra dose of love and attention that these companies have put into the product, and I’m sure that, as a valued member of your family, your pet will appreciate the high standards.

The people at James Wellbeloved make pet foods for your dog, your cat, and even your ferret, and always make sure that their high standards in quality get passed on to your pet. After all, you wouldn’t want to eat cheap, processed food, so why would your pet?

Their dog food, for example, is hypoallergenic, meaning that their food can be given to all types of dogs; be they lactose intolerant, wheat intolerant, or even just fussy eaters. They achieve these goals by simply replacing those nasty ingredients with simple, canine friendly foods, such as turkey, ocean white fish, and oats. These ensure that all allergies are avoided, but can also help with itchy coats and digestive problems.

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As well as the multitude of different flavours – from lamb to fish – James Wellbeloved provides dry and wet food for your dog, to make sure that every dog, and every owner, is catered for. Not only that, but their food comes under specific categories; they have food for large breeds and small breeds, they have James Wellbeloved puppy food and food for mature dogs.

Royal Canin also caters for all types of dog breeds, with their products ranging from X-Small (dogs between 0-4kg), and Giant (for dogs over 45kg), and everything in between. Not only are all types of dogs provided for, their site has a handy table for learning how many cups of feed to give to your dog, based on their level of activity. This means that you won’t be overfeeding your lazy dog, or underfeeding your athletic one!

These sorts of standards are what pet owners are expecting these days, and long-gone are the days when you could just slap a tin of any old processed meats in front of your dog. These sorts of companies are there to provide high quality meals for any type of pet.

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