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Dog walking for the 21st century

If you’re using a dog walking service to walk your dog, you probably know that light panic feeling you get when your dog is on her walk: is the dog walker doing his job properly? Is he trust worthy? Will your dog get enough exercise during her walk? All these questions and concerns can be answered today with the help of a new dog walking service: Swifto Dog Walking.

Swifto dog walking operates only in New York City at the moment and it offers dog owners a half an hour or an hour walks with a professional dog walker that uses a tracking app so the dog owner can follow his walk.

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Qualified dog walkers

Swifto team interviews all of its dog walkers to make sure they are all qualified for the job. In addition all the dog walkers are insured and they need to go through a background check before they start working. But the process doesn’t end with that, the final OK is given by you, the dog owner: Before the dog walker starts walking your dog, you get a free meeting with him or her, where you can interview the dog walker yourself and check if your dog approves him too.

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Dog walking tracking app

Swifto dog walkers are using a unique tracking app during their walk. The dog owner can follow the walk from his computer and see exactly where the dog is, how long did the walk last and if the dog did his business properly.

Now you can send your dogs on her walks with no worries.

For more information – visit swifto site.

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