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Improving welfare of your dog determine best dog foods

Many of us worry constantly about the welfare of our dogs. We want to ensure that they get all the benefits they can out of the dog foods they eat. So many re-calls in the last 5 years have made it difficult to determine which dog foods are best for our dogs.

While we don’t know when or if the particular brand we use will be subject to recall we must simply hope that we check it out thoroughly before giving it to our pets. Researching the signs and symptoms of problems that may arise in our pets when eating tainted foods is a good start and you can also check for various recalls periodically without the year.

Keeping a keen eye on your animals can help you detect problems early. Paying attention to various differences in behaviors like: social interactions sleep patterns, or eating habits can help you see trouble before it gets to your door.

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Some signs of damage due to affected foods are:

  • Loss of Appetite
  • Persistent vomiting
  • Blood in stool
  • Diarrhea
  • Frequent urination-discolored urine

Some recent recalled dog foods are:

  1. Eukanuba Dog- List Codes {Code Dates: 6312-7073} Plant # 4197
  2. Western Family U.S.: Beef Cuts/ 12x 13.2  code 154009067
  3. Western Family Canada: Country Stew Cuts

Other brands like: Natural Life, Nutri-Plan, Paws, and Springfield Prize. If you wish to obtain additional information or are looking for more on the list you can access it at: www.menufoods.com/recallproduct_dog.html

As of December there have been additional recalls for the dog food company which makes Diamond, country Value and Professional. Look for dates ranging from 3/1/07-6/1/2007.

Looking for periodic updates on recalls are wise, keeping an eye on your dogs will help you get the help you need early so the damage is limited. Know your dog and their behaviors and stay healthy.

Photo source:dogfoodcouponsfree.blogspot.com

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  • Because of Dali said:

    Great article, I did not know about this latest recall in dog foods, luckily I don’t use any of them with my Chi but is always good to know. Thanks for the info. Great blog by the way. Let me invite you to visit us at http://www.dogs-news.com and http://www.becauseofdali.com.

  • The Main Dog said:

    Hi Because of Dali,
    With so many dog foods being recalled it is hard to stay up on all of them, but we try to keep current on any dog food recalls.

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