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Behavioural Treatments for Animals who Suffer from Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety in dogs of all ages can cause a number of behavioral problems and can be quite common, especially when there is a change in the pets routine, for example when moving to a new home or when the owners are away for long periods. There are a number of things that can trigger behavioral problems and this can be things such as fireworks, gunshots or airplanes – anything that may startle or scare the animal.

A sign of stress could be trembling, hiding scratching or being destructive and this can bring on frustration experienced by the pet owner through having to deal with a pet with these issues. It can be quite common and is perfectly natural, although there are a number of products that can help relieve stress and anxiety in dogs.

Once this sort of behavior begins, it is very difficult to stop and this can cause the symptoms and the problems to progressively become worse but there are treatments available to help dogs deal with these situations a lot better.

One treatment is behavior modification techniques but this is not always successful. It is important that owners of these pets notice and recognize the behaviors which may lead to some of the unwanted behavior. One behavior that is triggered and made worse daily is separation anxiety and this is encouraged by owner’s daily routines.

[caption id="attachment_2295" align="aligncenter" width="573"]Dog who suffer from stress and anxiety Dog who suffer from stress and anxiety[/caption]

This is made worse through the owners making a real fuss over their pets before their leave when they should help the pet get settled. Zylkene is a natural product that comes from Casein and is a protein in milk. It is the molecule that helps to relax and calm down newborns. It can be used for short term problems such as travel anxiety but it can also be used for long term anxiety such as the addition of a new baby. It can be given as a whole capsule or by opening the capsule and mixing the contents with food or water. As this is a natural product there are no side effects and it can be used with other medications as there are no known interactions with other drugs.

Another option is Pheromone therapy and it is available for cats as well as dogs. The options for dogs include the same pheromone that the mother produces after giving birth and it helps to reassure and calm down puppies, which comes in  the form of the Adaptil diffuser.

For cats, the equivalent product is Feliway. The Feliway pheromone is a synthetic version of the cat’s facial pheromone which it uses to mark territory. The option for dogs can be used via a collar, through a spray or a diffuser. The products for cats come in a spray or as the Feliway diffuser. It does not work in all situations but when it is successful it helps to make pets happier and a lot calmer.

One final therapy for dogs is ‘Thundershirt’ which is used to ease anxiety and it does so by applying a gentle pressure to their nervous system to help create a calming effect. It is an effective way of helping the animal without the need for medication.

There are many options available for cat and dog owners and all have the same desired outcome which is to make a pet happier and healthier.

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Mange in dogs

Mange is a serious skin condition in dogs which is caused by mites that lay their eggs under the skin. It is usually picked up from the environment or from contact with an infected dog. It is not usually passed on by foxes, this is a common misconception but dogs do not usually come into close enough proximity with foxes for transmission to occur.

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4 Steps To Prevent Dog Obesity

Obesity is one of the most widespread problems in dogs and has long-term consequences on its health. Obese pets suffer from serious ailments like arthritis, liver problems, heart problems and might also become diabetic. Sadly enough, obesity tends to lead to further overweight problems because once a pet is overweight, his physical activity drops dramatically making it almost impossible to lose weight. Given below are 4 ways in which you can prevent dog obesity.

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Obesity in dogs and its prevention

Obesity in pets is a major health concern and like with humans, can cause many health conditions such as diabetes, breathing problems, hypertension (high blood pressure), arthritis and other joint problems, heart disease (and in extreme cases heart failure). It may also adversely affect an existing health issue. Obesity occurs when dogs are overfed and under-exercised, exceeding their energy requirements, which then promotes the storage of fat.

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Tackling obesity in dogs

Obesity is becoming a serious problem in the UK. Not only are our waistlines expanding, but so too are those of our pets. Dog obesity is now causing vets real concern, as they see more overweight pets waddling into surgeries with a range of health issues that could easily be avoided if the animal’s dietary requirements had been more closely monitored. Certain breeds are prone to obesity – Labradors, spaniels and Golden Retrievers can often become overweight in later years.

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Dog Health And Symptoms: Winning Pet Care Information

Good dog health and symptoms. In order to understand dog health problems some dog diseases, injuries and physical ailments are serious, while others are not. Dog health can easily be taken care of by imbibing good habits in the dog, and training him well. A healthy dog is a happy dog having a positive attitude and personality. You must ensure food habits are regular and diet is well balanced. And make sure you give him exercise regularly and give him the love and attention that he needs, and he will be a healthy dog.

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Dog Vaccination Schedule

Dogs necessary recommended vaccinations. Every new puppy needs vaccination to protect him from some dangerous diseases and to develop his immune system. Veterinarians recommend a series of vaccinations and different vaccination schedules according to the specific dog’s risk factors. Dog Vaccination Schedule for Puppy’s First Year

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How to bandage your dog

Examples of applying and taking care of a bandage to your dog. Caring for a dog is a massive responsibility. Some people bracket together the looking after a dog with the bringing up of a toddler. For the reason that dogs are comparable to toddlers, every now and then they will find themselves in injurious positions. Dogs will find themselves ensnared in a constricted location or collide with something that will deliver a nasty injury to one or more of their limbs.

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Treating canine diarrhea at home

Loose stools may be common to puppies most importantly when they have the freedom to wander around outside. This is the reason dog proprietors ought to be all set in treating canine diarrhea at your home. To do this a dog owner should take sure to have a number of items available in their own homes once diarrhea thumps their dogs.

1. Rice as well as a Rice Cooker

Rice is among the main elements of bland recipes for puppies should they have loose stools. No matter what type of years ago although tanned rice is usually recommended because it is the healthiest kind. You ll need a rice cooker to cook rice therefore grab one for so you can be ready once your canine needs it. Do not go treating dog diarrhea at your home without these two.

2. Chicken and Turkey Meat

A bland weight-reduction plan is not complete with low fat white meat from poultry and turkey. Its an important factor in managing canine diarrhea at your home along with years ago. Keep a stock of these meat protein in your fridge and also look for ones with the skins already eliminated to save your the hassle. This would ensure that the dog takes its much needed protein while it is recuperating from diarrhea.

3. Potatoes

Hot taters are fantastic food to regard your dog’s loose stools at home. They’re not difficult to put together and a excellent meals on your canine that is currently having diarrhea issues.

4. Healthy Supplements

Diarrhea is usually caused by the problems in numbers between good bacteria and undesirable ones. Probiotic supplements can stability the facts and could stop your dog’s loose stools. Get these supplements and maintain them within your freezer. You might just need them sometime.

5. Water

It is a no-brainer. Loose stools means massive loss of liquids. To maintain you canine well-hydrated you should provide it water more frequent compared to when it was wholesome. Always provide clean water to assist your dog flush out the cause of its diarrhea. Nothing is more crucial compared to water in curing dog loose stools at home because during this times the dog will look to dehydrated a lot as it defecates water or milk stool greater than 4 instances a day. Severe dehydration may lead to death. You can delay other cures for some time although not rehydration.

The dog diarrhea treatment at your home is simply possible if you have all these things ready. These are the things that you need to be able to instantly are likely to you canine when it gets diarrhea. Doing the property treatment successfully could lead to your dog’s immediate relief from loose stools.

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Information about distemper disease in dogs

Distemper disease affect body systems of the dog. Distemper is a disease that can affect many body systems of your dog. Your dog’s respiratory, gastrointestinal, and central nervous systems can be affected. The disease is often fatal especially when it strikes young puppies. This article will tell you everything owners need to know regarding canine distemper.