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Chocolate Poisoning

Chocolate can be dangerous for the dogs

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If you have ever heard anyone say that chocolate can kill a dog, they are telling the truth! Chocolate contains ingredients that can be dangerous to dogs health, causing stomach upset, rapid heart rate, trembling, and even death.

Dogs many be attached to chocolate as it has a sweet taste and smells yummy, however it is dangerous especially if eaten at large quantities. Since chocolate contains methylxanthine alkaloids theobromine and caffeine, it stimulants of the cardiovascular and central nervous systems, Chocolate Poisoning in Dogs.

Dogs who have ingested small amounts of chocolate may show mild symptoms of digestive upset and agitation. Dogs ingesting larger doses can develop tremors, a racing heart rate, elevated blood pressure, seizures and death in severe cases.

Treatment of Chocolate Poisoning in Dogs:

A veterinarian should be consulted. If your dog has eaten any chocolate and experiences any odd behaviors, you should contact your vet immediately. He will instruct you to either monitor the dog at home or bring him into the vets office.

Some vets will induce vomiting to reduce the chocolate in the stomach and therefore the methylxanthines in the dog’s bloodstream. The dog may need to be monitored for elevations in heart rate or blood pressure, tremors and seizures. If abnormalities develop, they can be treated with medications.

Dogs with chocolate poisoning generally recover fully with timely and appropriate treatment.

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  • Vicki said:

    Just had this happen with a neighbor dog.. she got in my purse and ate a chocolat ‘no-bake’ cookie. I was quite worried and called her vet right away. She was fine but still scary.

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