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Yeast Infection in Dog’s Ears

Dog ear yeast infection remedy

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Yeast in dog’s ears seems to be a big issue for many dog owners. Leaving the owner surfing the net for a remedy that will actually work for a dog ear yeast infection. Over the years we have had to deal with yeast infections in dog ear’s and have found a few at home remedies to treat the yeast issues.

Yeast thrives in warm and moist environments, making a dogs ear the perfect place to grow! (dogs can get yeast infections on their body as well) If you are not sure if it is a yeast infection or a bacterial ear infection, is important to seek Vet care as Bacterial infections may have exactly the same symptoms, but will need different treatment.

A a dog ear yeast infection can be treated normally at home with ease, once you have established it is in fact a year infection. Many dogs have chronic yeast infections, especially dogs with floppy ears.

Treating a dog ear yeast infection at home is possible with water, vinegar and alcohol. There is no miracle cure canine ear infection yeast but a great at home remedy treatment will work well!

Dog ear yeast infection treatment

Simply mix equal parts of water, vinegar and alcohol together in a bowl or cup. Then apply a few drops to the dogs ear and keep the dog from shaking his head for a minute or so. Gently massage the outer portion of the ear to allow all of the mixture to get into the ear. When finished allow the dog to shake his head to get all of the mixture out. Do this two times a day for a week or so, and then once a day when the symptom begin to clean up. The vinegar helps to kill the bacteria and the alcohol dries the ear out.

If you have ever had swimmers ear yourself and read the ingredients of the medicine your doctor prescribed, you will find alcohol as the main ingredient!

A few tips for dog ear yeast infections:

  1. If your dog has chronic yeast infections of the ears, it is important to remove all grain from their diet. Grain feeds a yeast outbreak, so a dog with yeast infections will continue to get them as long as he or she is fed food with grain.
  2. Any time you give your dog a bath, use the above remedy to clean your dogs ears out. It will help dry any water out in the ear which could be a breeding ground for yeast.This will help prevent another ear yeast infection.
  3. Keep an eye on your dogs ears! If you notice any signs of a yeast infection, go ahead and begin treating it again.

Do you know of another remedy for getting rid of yeast in dog ears? If so, please share by commenting below!

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