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Common Causes Of Seizures In Canines

Seizures in dogs sign of neurological problems

If your dog experiences seizures, its a sign that he’s suffering from some type of neurological problems. There are various things that can cause a dog to have a seizure besides epilepsy. Some of these include diseases like distemper, tumors, and toxins. Here’s a look at various causes of seizures in dogs.


Seizures can be caused by ingestion of toxins. If detected and treated quickly, your dog may have a good chance to recover. However, other toxins have a poor prognosis. Insecticides, rat poison, and chocolate can all cause seizures in dogs.

Brain Tumors

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Dogs with brain tumors may also experience seizures. Its possible for the cancer to spread to the brain from other parts of the body. However, a tumor could start growing in the brain itself. As the tumor grows, it will start putting more pressure on the brain. This causes seizures to occur.


A disease known as distemper can also cause your dog to experience seizures. Distemper, a life-threatening viral disease, causes damage to the brain. This disease is much more common in younger canines. Infected saliva, urine, hands, or feces can also transmit the virus to your dog. The virus can also become air-borne and be transmitted through the air. Dog seizures caused by distemper usually occur two to three weeks after the dog has initially been exposed to the virus.


Dogs are in danger of suffocating if the seizure lasts too long. While your dog is having a seizure, its important that you not put your hand in his mouth. You can be seriously bitten if your dog clenches his jaws uncontrollably. If the seizure lasts more than two minutes, you need to take your dog to a veterinarian ASAP.

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