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German Shepherds Are A Devoted And Wonderful Addition To Ones Family

German Shepherd the fabulous dog breed

A few good facts about a wonderful breed of dog, the German Shepherd. What this dog requires from you by way of exercise, nutrition and health care is minimal compared to the loyalty and impressive capacity for protection he is willing to give in return.

They love human companionship and will respond quickly to his owners mood. They have a keen sense of humor and enjoy playful games yet in defense of those they love can become a frightening adversary that one would well advise to keep clear of. When bringing a German Shepherd into your life you are really making an addition to your family because he will quickly become a part of it.

When the time comes to train your German Shepherd, you must show kindness with a firm hand when you are teaching him his place with the society of his new family and you will receive total devotion from him. If trained by harsh methods, he may show obedience but do not expect extreme loyalty should you be attacked.

Since World War II the German Shepherd has gone from strength to strength and is now the worlds most popular breed. After their use during wartime, it was necessary to de-brief the German Shepherd Dog combatants from their military training to make them suitable for less rigorous peacetime pursuits. Even so, much of the military training they received was capable of being channeled into use in police canine corps.

The instincts of herding and protecting the defenseless that shepherds found invaluable in their sheep herding dogs of earlier times, are the same ones that make the German Shepherd Dog a fine family dog and protector of the masters domain.

Grooming is very necessary and important for all breeds of dogs. The German Shepherd is a dog of natural beauty and therefore it does not need the range of grooming equipment required by terriers or poodles, but nonetheless it is recommended that daily care be done for optimal health of the dog. Brushing daily keeps the coat in great condition and yearly when shedding is at its peak, extra grooming will be required to ensure that new hairs grow vigorously and this also prevents them from being shed all over your house. Bathing should only be done periodically, as this removes the natural oils from his coat.

With the increasing knowledge and care available, there is no reason why your dog should not live to a good old age. As the years go by he may need a little additional care. An excessively fat dog is not healthy, especially when he grows older, so limit the older dogs food accordingly. He needs exercise as much as ever, although his heart cannot bear the strain of sudden or violent exertion. Failing eyesight or hearing means lessened awareness of dangers, so you must protect him more than ever.

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