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What You Should Know About American Pit Bull Terrier Breed

American Pit Bull Terriers are the most recent victims of receiving an undeserved reputation due to bad publicity revolving around the breed. Known for fighting and often portrayed as a “bad dog” that sports a spiked collar and chain, American Pit Bull Terriers can become faithful, lifelong companions and have been known to be very gentle and loving animals.

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English Bull Terriers

English Bull Terrier Temperament. English Bull Terriers are renowned for being bullied, and therefore it is not the ideal dog for a first-time dog owner. Their physical strength is match by their intelligence, so you’ll have a very reliable and intelligent, as well as physically dominating pet. Their minds and bodies need to be kept active through play. The English Bull Terriers are no more aggressive than other dogs, but it is not your average dog. As English Bull Terriers are such a mentally and physically strong breed, they need to be given strict regiment of leadership and discipline from the first day of ownership. Even though English Bull Terriers might seem naughty and mischievous, it is extremely important to monitor any signs of aggression, even in the first 6 months of their lives. Proper training and discipline are need to keep these dogs in check.

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How to choose the best dog breeds for families

Choosing the right dog breed. Making the decision of getting a dog to include in your family is always a good one. Indeed, choosing the right dog can bring many years of love and loyal companionship, especially for the children in a family. However, choosing just the right breed of dog is an important part of getting the puppy you can have this long lasting relationship with. Check out these tips for choosing the best dog breeds for families.

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Care about the health of your Yorkie puppy

A healthy Yorkie puppy should be strong, plump, cheerful and very moving: coat glistens and shines, eyes are living and clear. Yorkie Puppies are very curious and trying to explore all around. Puckish puppies deliver a lot of troubles to the owners: they have to make sure constantly that the puppy would not gnaw and drag things, shoes, not spoil the furniture. A healthy Yorkie puppy either is sleeping, or is in motion. Such behavior is characteristic of all healthy pups.

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Rules to remember for a Yorkshire terrier training
Educational training of Yorkshire terrier differs from learning one only by the fact that encouraging is mainly used in it coercion is not applied at all, but the prohibition is used only in mild forms. Generally speaking, the separation into upbringing training and learning is arbitrary to a large extent, since during upbringing the “foundation” of the future successful training is laid.
The basic rule that each owner of Yorkshire terrier must remember: never use violence in education and training. This way you can completely …

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Information regarding yorkie puppys
The Yorkshire Terrier, was created for hunting functions. These were ideal for this task because they are small enough to work themselves into fox holes. At a later time, the Yorkie puppy dog turned out to be extremely popular as a companion pet due to its tiny size, appealing features, as well as easy-going temperament. Regardless of tiny size, the Yorkie is a superb guardian for a family and home. Yorkie puppies are really exciting to have.
Prepare to buy a Yorkshire Terrier
When you have made a decision …

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English Mastiff dogs care & training tips

Care for your English Mastiff the practical way. Do you own an English Mastiff and you’re proud of it? If you have and if you’re proud, then, you are very lucky for you have come across a blog that spend its time in sharing some personal overview & understanding on how to handle this kind of mutt, so to speak. All over the Internet, there are lots of English Mastiff dogs information that you can find and there are even some domain that offer free tips on the proper way to care for, train or handle an English Mastiff and this blog can share a personal point of view in taking care of these lovely dogs and these breeds didn’t sail all the way from across the seas just to be ignored. This little Mastiff puppies guide can help you be aware of what kind of dog you have right there sleeping soundly in your living room carpet.

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The responsibility that comes with breeding dogs

Breed dogs with a clear conscience Breeding dogs can be one of the most rewarding things you can do. Of course its not as simple as deciding to breed and starting. There are some important things you need to ask, and honestly answer before you can breed with a clear conscience. With so many unwanted puppies you need to be sure you can find good homes for all the puppies. There are far too many unwanted pets in the world. If you are wanting to breed because you feel you have a lot of time, resources and love to give – rather consider adopting one of the many millions of homeless pets and giving your love in this way.

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Tips how to buy a healthy German Shepherd dog

If you are buying a German Shepherd puppy it is important to ensure that you only purchase a healthy dog from a reputable breeder and a good idea would be to contact the breed council who should be able to provide you with a list of such breeders. Most reputable breeders don’t need to advertise but if they do they tend not to use free papers or other general advertising media but will usually place their advert in a specialist dog magazine or paper. The Kennel Club will provide a list of breeders but this does not signify that they are reputable only that they register their puppies with the KC.

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A non shedding dog – The Yorkshire Terrier
A breed of dog that has enduring popularity is the Yorkshire Terrier. Originating from northern England, Yorkies (as they are known) are friendly, full of life and quite clever. They are considered a toy breed, due to the fact that at maturity they typically weigh between four and seven pounds. It is widely thought there to be some variations of Yorkshire terriers, known as teacup or miniature, they are smaller, growing to about 3 pounds at maturity. But this is NOT true, there …