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How can i make my home safe for my new dog?

Safety measures for your puppy

When you bring a new puppy into your home, accidents are bound to happen no matter how well your puppy appears to behave. Your little puppy is an excited little dog who loves to play and just like any young critter playing, cuts, scrapes and a lot more can potentially happen and for this reason just like a little baby in your home, you need to puppy proof your home.

Just a single blink of an eye and that little puppy’s curiosity can lead him into harm’s way. They require constant attention all the time to keep them from getting into something that could harm them, but what happens when you are unable to give him or her that constantly watchful eye? Taking a series of safety measures to ensure your puppy stays healthy and playful is an important task for any new puppy owner.

1) First off, you have to remember that a puppy loves putting things in his mouth and this can be a dangerous thing. You need to take the time to locate anything within the puppy’s reach that could potentially be a choking hazard to the puppy and move it elsewhere.

While some items that your puppy may swallow will just simply pass right through accompanied perhaps by some discomfort, but some items your puppy cannot pass. These items can get lodged in the puppies throat or even in its intestines. In the worst case scenario, these choking hazards can prove to be fatal to the little puppy.

2) Just like dealing with things that can be swallowed, puppies also love things that they can chew on and they do not understand the difference between a string or rope and an electrical cord. You have electrical cords in every single room of your house and should the puppy decide to play with one he could get the shock of his life as well as potentially die.

Electrocution to your puppy can happen on many different levels from a mild burn to 3rd degree burns and fatal shock. There are a number of ways to keep these electrical cords away from your puppy which includes elevating them above your puppy’s reach or duct taping them to the floor so your puppy cannot see them.

3) It is also very important that you keep anything that is toxic or poisonous to your puppy, out of the reach of the puppy. Since they love chewing on things, there is nothing to stop them from chewing on bottles filled with poisons. Poisons to a puppy can include such items as rat poison, anti-freeze, lead, household garbage as well as chocolate.

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