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Safety measures for your puppy
When you bring a new puppy into your home, accidents are bound to happen no matter how well your puppy appears to behave. Your little puppy is an excited little dog who loves to play and just like any young critter playing, cuts, scrapes and a lot more can potentially happen and for this reason just like a little baby in your home, you need to puppy proof your home.
Just a single blink of an eye and that little puppy’s curiosity can lead him into harm’s …

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Separation anxiety, also known in the dog training world as owner absent misbehavior, is one of the most frequently encountered problems in the world of dog training. Separation anxiety can manifest itself in many different ways, including chewing, destroying the owner’s property, excessive barking, self destructive behavior and inappropriate urination and defecation.br /
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Dogs suffering from separation anxiety often whine, bark, cry, howl, dig, chew and scratch at the door the entire time their family members are away. Well meaning owners often unwittingly encourage this misbehavior by rushing home to …

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Tips traveling dogs by auto
Traveling with dogs by auto can be fun or stressful. It all depends on your organizational abilities, flexibility and sense of humor. Traveling by car is probably the easiest way to go when you decide to take your dog along. You can decide how you want to accommodate him.
This is an exciting event for many dogs, so expect your puppy to be hyped and ready to go.
There are of course considerations to plan for when taking your best friend safety, sleeping arrangements (his best dog bed), …

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  We all love our pets. They’re part of the family and life wouldn’t be the same without them. Pets give us unconditional love, companionship and bring great joy into our lives. All they ask of us in return is that we love them, feed them and look after them in sickness and in health.No one plans for accident or illness to harm a pet – it is important to have protection for when the unthinkable happens. Pet insurance offers a way to plan and budget for your cat or dog’s …