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Good dog health and symptoms

In order to understand dog health problems some dog diseases, injuries and physical ailments are serious, while others are not. Dog health can easily be taken care of by imbibing good habits in the dog, and training him well.

A healthy dog is a happy dog having a positive attitude and personality.

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You must ensure food habits are regular and diet is well balanced. And make sure you give him exercise regularly and give him the love and attention that he needs, and he will be a healthy dog.

Let us look at good dog health and symptoms. All healthy dogs should have clear, bright eyes and a glossy, full coat. The skin should be clear and a vital indicator of a healthy dog is a dry nose, which is free from discharge. He should have a good appetite and lots of energy. All movements should be natural and free from pain.

Good dog care encourages the dog to have a good and correct weight, according to the breed standards. All dog owners should be aware that puppies are born with some immunity, but over time the immunity reduces greatly. Therefore, vaccinations are necessary. Some diseases may be hereditary and it is sometimes not feasible to detect them till the dog is at least 18 months old.

Viral infections are frequent among dogs and vaccination may prevent many of these infections. Some infections are adenovirus, parvo, corona, rabies and distemper. But all illnesses and diseases cannot be prevented by simply vaccinating the dog. Hence the pet must be monitored carefully in order to identify any problems as early as possible.

The best person to know and recognize any healthy problems is the dog-owner. He sees the dog every day he knows the quantity and quality of food that the dog consumes, the exercise that is done by the dog and the rest taken by him. It is vital, that the owner is aware of the Dog Health and Symptoms. So if there is anything unusual about the dog on a certain day, it should act as a warning sign of possible illness. It might simply be listlessness, or loss of appetite or biting, and these signs should be taken seriously by the owners and the root cause of the problem should be found.

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The early indications of sickness can easily be identified if you are familiar with the Dog Health and Symptoms. The change could be behavioral or physical. On the physical side, the dog could be drinking an increased amount of water, whereas on the behavioral aspect, there could be a sudden change in the personality and attitude of the dog.

All dog-owners should inform themselves about the normal working system of the dog. Then it becomes easier to judge disease symptoms, and when they occur, they should know how to care for a sick dog.

Photo source:dog-illness-symptoms.com,mycanineallergies.com

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