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4 Steps To Prevent Dog Obesity

Dog obesity is a major health concern

Obesity is one of the most widespread problems in dogs and has long-term consequences on its health. Obese pets suffer from serious ailments like arthritis, liver problems, heart problems and might also become diabetic. Sadly enough, obesity tends to lead to further overweight problems because once a pet is overweight, his physical activity drops dramatically making it almost impossible to lose weight. Given below are 4 ways in which you can prevent dog obesity.

1. Keep A Watch For Signs Of Obesity

Regular health check-ups and weighing should be enough to spot any weight gain and its associated problems. Obesity is spotted by assessing a dog’s health and its body build conditions. Dogs in a good condition will possess an obviously identifiable waist before its hind limbs when stroked or viewed along the sides. In dogs with a thin-coat it will be possible to feel but unable to see the ribs’ outline. If there is any doubt your vet should be consulted for advice.

2. Portion Control

Obesity sets in when overeating, usually caused by frequent treats and unnecessary foods overshooting the energy that the dog would need normally, thus, leading to accumulation of fat.

3. Consult A Vet

Your vet is best placed to advice you on the diet and exercise regime that needs to be followed in order to help your pet lose weight. Additionally, vet clinics all over the country organize ‘Weight Management Clinics’ in order to help pet owners. On a more do-it-yourself level you can reduce your dog’s daily intake of calories by going for a different dog food product, one that has a specialized calorie control diet with high protein and fibre content.

dog obesity prevent
Prevent Dog Obesity

4. Keep Your Dog Active

The two most effective ways in which you can prevent your dog from getting obese in the first place is by ensuring that:

• The dog gets ample amounts of exercise. If your dog is lazy or unenthusiastic to physical working, then try to entice it with interesting forms of toys. You can easily buy these toys at a cheap dog supplies store. You can try taking him to parks where other dogs play and ensure the fact that you are actively involved in its playtime.
• Try to cut down on the frequency of treating or rewarding the dog with treats and dog candy. Treats, apart from being nutritionally lacking, also might turn your dog into a hog.

A healthy and non-obese dog is a gift to any household in the form of a better playmate, better mannered when it comes to eating habits and who doesn’t want a healthy family member!

Carrie Lyttle is a work-at-home mom and a freelance writer. She loves dogs and currently has a small, adorable poodle. Lyttle is the owner of http://www.costumewigsource.com/, the popular costume and halloween wigs store online.

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  • Aria Milan said:

    Thank you for this article, the timing is perfect for the beginning of the New Year. So many pets in this country are overweight or obese – an obvious sign of adoration and spoiling! But I’ve been guilty of it too. And sometimes it’s just a lack of knowledge of what portions are appropriate and what an ideal weight of the pet should be.

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