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Mange in dogs

Mange is a serious skin condition in dogs which is caused by mites that lay their eggs under the skin. It is usually picked up from the environment or from contact with an infected dog. It is not usually passed on by foxes, this is a common misconception but dogs do not usually come into close enough proximity with foxes for transmission to occur.

Dogs with mange have red, inflamed skin which can also become pussy and infected. It causes severe dog scratching and skin inflammation and is spread very quickly across the skin. The areas with little hair are usually the first affected such as the ears and face.

The good news is that mange is treatable with prescribed topical medication. However as with all skin problems in dogs, the quicker the condition is treated the better, therefore seek veterinary advice as soon as possible. It is also highly infectious therefore it is important that it is treated immediately before it can spread to other animals. It can even be passed on to humans however the problem is much less severe as the mites cannot reproduce in human skin.

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The most commonly prescribed treatment, Aludex cannot be used on certain breeds such as Chihuahuas or on pregnant or lactating bitches and is also highly toxic to other species such as cats and horses therefore it is also important that veterinary advice is sought before this product is used.

Yumega plus is a balm designed to soothe and calm irritated skin, therefore you may wish to apply this lotion to your dog’s skin to provide more comfort, however seek veterinary advice before using any product whilst using a prescribed veterinary medication in case of any severe reactions that could occur.

Mange can be prevented by using an appropriate treatment such as Advocate, which is a liquid applied once a month to the back of the neck, this can also prevent worm and flea infestations too.

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