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Banana Oat Dog Treats Recipe

Recipe for banana oat dog treats that are homemade. Aimple recipe that the whole family can have fun making for your furry friend!

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Holistic quality dog food

PETCO stores announced the launch of a new holistic dog food by Halo Purely for Pets®, which company is co-owned by talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. PETCO will be adding this holistic dog food and cat food line to their stores nationwide this week.

PETCO is supporting the new products’ launch by offering 20% off to its P.A.L.S. members on purchases of all Halo products made from March 2 to March 23.

holistic dog food
Holistic Dog Food

Halo expanded its signature recipe canned dog food with the introduction of lamb, beef and salmon varieties. The company also introduced new Halo dry food selections for dogs: Spot’s Stew formulas for adult dogs and puppies.

The Halo dog food is made from all-natural ingredients such as butcher quality chicken, eggs, carrots, flaxseed, green peas, barley, sweet potatoes and cranberries. All the recipes have been fortified with vitamins, minerals, prebiotics and probiotics and do not include byproducts, chemical preservatives, fillers, rendered meats, artificial colors or flavors.

For everyone looking for an all natural dog food this holistic dog food seems like a great answer!

For additional information on the holistic dog foods visit the PETCO website or PR WEB.

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Premium quality dog food

People often ask about dog food. There are so many dog food companies how does one pick a good dog food that has premium quality dog food?

Well the truth really is, that the closer to nature the dog food is, the better is really is. Quality dog food is not cheap dog food, but it is worth the money in the longevity of your dog!

Many commercial dog foods contain horrid ingredients that are used as fillers only and based upon grains. What I mean by that is the dog food fills the dogs tummy when hungry but does not contain much if any truly good nutrients for a dog. Most pet foods contain a long list of additives, preservatives and grain products.

[caption id="attachment_1195" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Premium quality dog food"]premium quality dog food[/caption]

With my husband owning a kennel, we have tried many different types of dog foods. From holistic dog food, to the barf diet, and even home cooked meals.

We really are fans of Solid Gold dog food and the BARF DIET. All natural dog food has many benefits for dogs.

The BARF DIET – The BARF DIET™ does not contain grain products. The BARF DIET looks only to the freshest whole raw food sources rich in vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids derived mostly from human edible ingredients. This is an excellent raw food for dogs! Many people are not comfortable feeding a raw diet.

SOLID GOLD – For those who want an all natural dog food we recommends a dog food called Solid Gold. Solid Gold pet foods are a pioneer of natural, holistic animal nutrition. Their dog foods are low allergen products, which work together to enhance health, boost up the immune system, and protect against disease.

Solid Gold dog foods do not contain wheat, corn, or soy, which are often genetically modified and common allergens for dogs.

If your dog suffers from skin disorders or chew incessantly at their feet allot, it may be due to a dog food allergy. If so, Solid Gold Can help!

You can view the Solid Gold website at http://www.solidgoldhealth.com and can view Solid Gold dog food testimonials here.

If you are interested in learning more about the BARF dog diet you can check out their website at http://www.barfworld.com and can view BARF diet dog food testimonial here.

If you are curious to know why we do not recommend most commercial dog foods, you can view this dog food book. The book gives a real inside look at what is really in many dog foods!

The truth is, many dog food companies care less about dogs and only how they can make money! The dog food book reveals some shocking details as to what commercial dog foods really contain!

Photo source:dogfoodcouponsfree.blogspot.com