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Dog and leash are like typical companions. The dog in the street (especially crowded one) typical has a leash.

But dog and leash are not friends. Sometimes this can be a big problem.

In this video we would like to show you how to put a leash on your dog in a stress relieving way.

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Answering a door with dogs can be a huge problem. Usually a dog is very excited to find out who knocked at the door or was ringing the door bell. No wonder, dogs are in charge of such things.

That is why there is nothing strange about the dogs to dash to the door with barking when someone knocks, rings and comes in. Well, the untrained dog.

This video will show you how to easily train your dog to behave in situation like this.

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Not every dog is easy to be trained. Surely a lot depends upon how you do your part of the job and how your dog instructor is doing the job.

But part of the job has to be done by a dog. And some are very ‘difficult’ examples for dog training.

This video will help you to understand what to do with this type of dogs and how to make sure you find common language and train your dog properly and – important – without any harm.

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The dog and the human are in happy relations. No wonder that dogs adore jumping on their owners, thus showing their happiness and excitement. Nothing bad about it. For a dog.

Still, no need to get sad, because you can train your dog and prevent from jumping on you. This short video will show you how.

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We have been previously talking about the importance of dog training and how exactly you can address this issue. For those who are for the first time on the blog we recommend to read this post with all dog training tips and details How to House Train Dogs – How to Train My Dog Knowledge Base

Starting from today we are coming to the more detailed topics of dog training, so that you could benefit from being the reader of our blog in simple and useful things you might need right now about training your dog.

Today we would like to show you how you can train a dog the useful skill of stop barking.

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We keep publishing useful dog training tips on www.mainstreetdog.com blog, because we firmly believe that dog training helps a dog and a human find common language and understanding.

We have already published a short video about how to train your dog to stop barking, you can see it here Train dog stop barking skill – Free Dog Training Video

Today we would like to show you how to train your dog to heel.

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This time we would like to share with you the info about how to train your dog to stand and stay which can in certain situations be more convenient than sit and stay. For detailed explanation on how to do that please watch the video:

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Today you will see how to train your dog to rollover. This is not a basic necessity for a dog, but if you’ve been dreaming to learn this with your pet – here it comes:

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We can say that among the dog training tips some are crucial in terms of “functionality”, others are not. But this does not mean that non-functional skills are not important.

Let’s take the example of teaching your dog to shake. Yes, this is not that important as training a dog to walk with you, to heel or not to pay attention to distractions. But shaking helps to establish a better contact between a dog and a human. Perhaps, dogs do not understand what stands behind shaking in human language, but they feel emotions very nice.

Those who decided to train their dog to shake – this is how you do it.

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When you have a yard – we are talking about private property – your dog should know that leaving a yard is not allowed.

When you have a fence or any natural, nicely visible boundary – this is easier, but what if you simply have the end of grass and then the road?

Well, there is a way to work around it and train your dog not stay on “base” – watch how you can do that.