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Dog tricks that you can teach your dog

House and potty training are vital education for dog The teaching and training of dog tricks while not a necessary part of a dog’s education, is an achievement that offer dog owners and his friends a great deal of amusement and adds materially to the value of a dog. Training your dog tricks can be difficult and frustrating if you cannot achieve the results you want. However, unlike house and potty training which are vital education for any dog, I feel that the end-results is not the most significant element in trick training, to me the most important part is that both of you enjoy the training process and have fun along the way. Listed in this article are 3 interesting dog tricks that you can teach your dog:

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Preparation for the puppy
Choose a Puppy
Choosing a new puppy can be quite a chore. Many think it is a great experience and while it might be there are a lot of things to consider when finding a puppy. You must make you choice carefully. If you have children you must determine whether or not that particular breed is good with children, if you have a small apartment and not much room for them to run you must decide whether or not the dog will have adequate space in the home. …

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Puppies are babies keep a clean and secure house
Puppies are just as mischievous as babies. They are curious by nature and need to know the things that are around them. Many things we don’t think of can be dangerous for puppies so puppy proofing is not only good for them but is reassuring to us.
Here are some steps to take to make sure your home is safe for your new puppy:

Make sure that all tiny things are off the floor: Puppies are known for chewing things or putting things in …

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Puppy Mills are puppy farm commercial dogs
Puppy Mills are place where puppies are breed for pure profit. The breeders house hundreds of dogs here so that they can produce more puppies to sell. There are many reasons why puppy mills should be band or eliminated. The puppy mills give the puppies very poor and in adequate care throughout their lives. If they are not sold they are kept as breeders.
When adequate breeders care for their puppies they provide the puppies with daily food and nutrition, grooming, medical care, exercise and …

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  We all love our pets. They’re part of the family and life wouldn’t be the same without them. Pets give us unconditional love, companionship and bring great joy into our lives. All they ask of us in return is that we love them, feed them and look after them in sickness and in health.No one plans for accident or illness to harm a pet – it is important to have protection for when the unthinkable happens. Pet insurance offers a way to plan and budget for your cat or dog’s …