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Dog tricks that you can teach your dog

House and potty training are vital education for dog The teaching and training of dog tricks while not a necessary part of a dog’s education, is an achievement that offer dog owners and his friends a great deal of amusement and adds materially to the value of a dog. Training your dog tricks can be difficult and frustrating if you cannot achieve the results you want. However, unlike house and potty training which are vital education for any dog, I feel that the end-results is not the most significant element in trick training, to me the most important part is that both of you enjoy the training process and have fun along the way. Listed in this article are 3 interesting dog tricks that you can teach your dog:

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Preparation for the puppy

[caption id="attachment_1136" align="alignright" width="140" caption="Choose a Puppy"]choose  puppy breed preparation puppy adult dog[/caption]

Choosing a new puppy can be quite a chore. Many think it is a great experience and while it might be there are a lot of things to consider when finding a puppy. You must make you choice carefully. If you have children you must determine whether or not that particular breed is good with children, if you have a small apartment and not much room for them to run you must decide whether or not the dog will have adequate space in the home. Preparation for the puppy may be just as long as with a newborn child.

So how can you tell if the puppy is right for you or your family?

Here are a few tips to get you started choose a puppy:

  1. Determine the size of the breed as an adult dog: Do you have adequate running room? will the breed be too big for your house? If you have small children with the size be a factor for them.
  2. Determine the temperament to the breed: Some breeds of dogs are more aggressive by nature. It doesn’t mean they are worse it just means if you have children you may not want them around that breed.
  3. Determine the personality: Sometimes by watching a puppy you can see their personality. Noticing how they are interacting with each other may help you decide on the one that is best for you.
  4. Determine if there is a connection: Some puppies you have an instant connection with. It might also happen to one of your children, watching to see how they respond to the puppies can also help you make your decision.

As you can see finding the perfect puppy is sometimes a chore but when you get the right one you know it…they soon become one of the family! So make sure that all of the family is included in the search and enjoy it. The look on the children’s face will be payment enough!

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Puppies are babies keep a clean and secure house

Puppies are just as mischievous as babies. They are curious by nature and need to know the things that are around them. Many things we don’t think of can be dangerous for puppies so puppy proofing is not only good for them but is reassuring to us.

Here are some steps to take to make sure your home is safe for your new puppy:

  1. Make sure that all tiny things are off the floor: Puppies are known for chewing things or putting things in their mouth that are not food. Getting down to their level may sound strange but it will give you a better idea of what they see. Keep loose paper and sharp objects off the floor that can hurt them is a great first step.
  2. Make sure all poisonous things are put up out of the puppy’s reach: Remember that things that won’t hurt us can be very harmful to them. So it is important to keep the home very clean and free of loose debris. As well as putting up things like bleach, soap, oven cleaner, and even salt for the winter weather.
  3. Plants should be out of the puppies reach: Plants can be very harmful to them and puppies like to chew so making sure that it is out of their reach is also important.
  4. Plugs and electrical cords should be covered or removed from their reach: We all know that cords are dangerous to us and they are to the puppy as well. Placing covers on the cords and electrical sockets should be done to ensure their safety. Do not leave them unattended for any reason it only takes a minute for the puppy to get into something harmful maybe even fatal.

Remember that puppies are babies too and they are curious so anything you wouldn’t give your baby should not be given to the puppies. Buying toys and such for the puppies would help you out with the obsessive chewing but some puppies will try to chew anything they can get their teeth around and then some. Ensure their safety by keeping a clean and secure house for them to play in.

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Puppy Mills are puppy farm commercial dogs

Puppy Mills are place where puppies are breed for pure profit. The breeders house hundreds of dogs here so that they can produce more puppies to sell. There are many reasons why puppy mills should be band or eliminated. The puppy mills give the puppies very poor and in adequate care throughout their lives. If they are not sold they are kept as breeders.

When adequate breeders care for their puppies they provide the puppies with daily food and nutrition, grooming, medical care, exercise and give the puppies love and attention. If a puppy is not socialized when they are young they have a hard time adjusting to new situations. Puppy mill dogs are not shown the necessary amounts of attention from birth. If they are not sold by the age of 10 weeks they usually have no socialization skills. This would make them unable to be placed with a home safely. The puppies learn how to interact with others at this stage and can be mentally scared. Many also have severe changes in temperament when reaching sexual maturity since no social connection was made.

[caption id="attachment_1110" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Puppy Mills"]puppy mills dogs farm commercial dogs pet shop[/caption]

Most pet store puppies come from puppy mills!

Disadvantages of the Puppy Mills:

Puppy mills provide little food and water or may provide good amount some days and slack on others to save money.

Puppy mills keep puppies in overcrowded cages for weeks or months at a time.

Puppy mills don’t provide the puppies with adequate exercise on a daily basis (if ever)

Puppy mills don’t give the puppy’s adequate medical treatments-to save on expense.

Puppy mill dogs usually have many physical or mental defects as a result of their treatment and care. Puppy mill dogs are usually discarded when they no longer need them, or can not have anymore puppies to cut down on the costs.

Puppy mills provide horrible conditions and severely in adequate care for puppies. Stopping them and enforcing stricter punishments for such actions should be known on a wider scale. Contact your local shelter and see what you can do to help stop puppy mills!

If there is a puppy mill in your area and you have not been able to get any help, or if you can’t get local help for a situation, please contact the HSUS at stoppuppymills@humanesociety.org.

Photo source:dogpup.net

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