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The American Bull Terrier

I have long owned bull terriers. I have an American red nosed bull terrier named Jack. Commonly misnomered the pit bull, Jack is NOT a pit bull. Hes never been purposely fought, nor has he ever set foot inside a ring. No one has ever gambled on him fighting, nor is he allowed to fight.

Jack is a BULL TERRIER. Period. And, as such, I think he could be a really good advocate for his breed. He always has lots of energy, he is super obedient, and he is always eager to please. Hes probably one of the best dogs any dog lover could hope to have.

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Pit Bull heroic story
The Virginian-Pilot reported a heroic story of a Pit Bull that saved a store owner from a deadly attack.
Two intruders entered a screen printing shop in Virginia Beach. Their intentions are not entirely known but they were armed and dangerous.
They were immediately confronted by Rico, a one year old Pit bull waking up from a nap. The intruders shot Rico in the head with a .45-caliber handgun. But this was not enough to prevent Rico from fulfilling his duty as guard dog. This brave Pit Bull bit …

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Pit Bull Good Will Ambassador

The perfect ambassador for the Pit Bull breed
With all of the bad press the Pit Bull gets I just love finding amazing stories of this wonderful breed. If you are still on the back burner about the Pitbull breed check out these pit bull myths.

Pit Bull Good Will Ambassador

Elsie, a Pit Bull whom called the Western PA. Humane Society home for seven months has not only found a wonderful home. When Becky saw Elsie, she said it was love at firsts site. Herb, Becky’s husband was not so accepting of …

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Pitbull Myths and the Truth

Pitbulls are amazing family dogs. Have you seen a full-grown Pitbull? You probably will agree with me that this stocky, muscular, and big dog will make your spine chill. I will not blame you, you probably have seen stories in television, newspaper and probably have heard of banning of Pitbulls in the United States. However, if you want a friend, a very loyal friend who will protect you and your family, you need a Pitbull.

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Pitbull mix named Maya
A 5 year old pitbull mix named Maya has been honored by the Animal Miracle Foundation. Maya has been named the foundation’s Hero Dog of 2008!
Without the help of this amazing pitbull mix, her owners attacker may have never been caught! A drop of blood above Maya’s right eye was later tested for DNA by investigators, which led to the arrest of Anthony Easley. His preliminary hearing is pending.
The Animal Miracles Foundation which honored Maya is a non-profit that aims to improve public awareness about …