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A non shedding dog – The Yorkshire Terrier

A breed of dog that has enduring popularity is the Yorkshire Terrier. Originating from northern England, Yorkies (as they are known) are friendly, full of life and quite clever. They are considered a toy breed, due to the fact that at maturity they typically weigh between four and seven pounds. It is widely thought there to be some variations of Yorkshire terriers, known as teacup or miniature, they are smaller, growing to about 3 pounds at maturity. But this is NOT true, there is no such thing. Smaller Yorkies as these, are merely the smaller puppies of a litter. Any Yorkie puppies regardless of their size is to be admired.

But with their hunting background and strong loyalty to their owners, there is nothing diminutive about them. Yorkies were originally bred to hunt rats in the clothing mills of northern England. They were owned by the workers at the mill, who found their reliability and drive made for a wonderful companion. At first considered a breed for every day workers, their beauty and personality soon made them fashionable with the upper crust in England. The breed is still known for its loyalty, and a Yorkie can be known to be fiercely protective of its owner. The Yorkshire Terrier bonds quickly, and loves nothing else than to end the day in the lap of its master.

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Yorkshire terriers are known for their elongated, splendid coat. As a puppy, the yorkie puppies coat is brown and black, but as the dog grows, the coat becomes brown and a beautiful bluish grey. The hair is like human hair, and will keep growing unless trimmed. Their hair can obscure their eyes, and its common to see a Yorkie with a bow on top of its head to keep the hair out of the way. Because of the silky hair on a Yorkie, regular brushing is an absolute necessity. But with proper care, the Yorkshire terriers coat can be the most striking feature of the dog.

Teaching of the Yorkshire terrier can be simple, due to the breeds cleverness. The Yorkie craves attention from the owner because of its devotion, so training must involve lots of praise and positive reinforcement. A good time for Yorkies to be trained is at younger ages, to give the puppy an outlet for its creative energy.

Because of the Yorkshire terriers intelligence, they also make incredible show dogs. Their long, silky coat is a show stopper in the ring, and their intelligence and desire to please makes for a handlers dream. Yorkies also do well in obedience and agility. There is a community of breeders of show dogs in the United States. These types of breeders are truly the best source for buying a pet Yorkie puppy, as show breeders contribute vast amounts of time and work on researching and striving for those perfect Yorkies, that not only look great but that are healthy and will live long lives. One such outfit is Artistry Yorkshire Terriers.

These breeders have grown to love raising Yorkshire terrier puppies, as the Yorkies commitment to their family unit becomes a breeders dream.

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Find healthy Yorkshire Terrier puppies

With so many dog breeders its very easy to find a Yorkshire Terrier, but to find a healthy one that represents the breed the way it should, you should choose your Yorkie breeder carefully. To do this, you will have to be able to tell a good Yorkshire Terrier from a bad Yorkshire Terrier, also you will have to be able to tell a good breeder from a average breeder. We all want a great looking healthy pet. Looks and certainly health is vital and partly heritable.

No breeder can ensure a dog will live a lengthy and healthy life, but you can undoubtedly increase the likelihood of this by choosing a good breeder. Ask about your Yorkie puppies pedigree which would include your puppies ancestors. With yorkshire terriers there seems to be conditions that they are predisposed to Legg-Calve-Perthes, patellar luxation, portosystemic shunts, tracheal collapse and bladder stones. Preferred breeders have their dogs tested for these conditions before breeding them. No line of dogs is perfect, so dont ignore a line with some problems further back, besides a lot of breeders may not be as honest in disclosing problems.

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Lets not forget about the importance of good disposition. You want a Yorkie Puppie because of the devoted and very confident, self assurance they posses, which is part of what makes them such a great companion. Extremely shy Yorkies may come for genetically shy stock or from socially isolated environments, both of which can make them more challenging to form into confident adults. Yorkie puppies from parents with excellent temperaments and a outgoing personality increases the fact that your Yorkie puppy with also have these traits. Also look for how much time is spent on puppy socialization from the yorkies puppies breeder.

And last but surely not at all least is looks! Part of the attraction of the Yorkie is the little size, glorious coat, intriguing color, and alluring expression on such an adorable face. Show breeders concerned with breeding for conformation competition are the most likely to produce Yorkie puppies with the appearance that drew you to the breed! Examine your potential Yorkie puppies pedigree to check to be sure that close relatives have confirmation championships from AKC (American Kennel Club). The closer these relatives with AKC championships are to your puppy the better (the closest being the puppy’s sire and dam). Get to know the Yorkshire Terrier standard and look up AKC champion Yorkies online to look at them. Show exhibitor breeders always have pet quality puppies available that are not quite show quality, but nonetheless are often so close to being show quality that only an expert could tell. Such dogs have the advantage of being raised with the best of knowledge and care as far as yorkie breeders along with great looks.

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Yorkies were originally owned by mill workers and were bred to pursue rats. They are recognized for their allegiance and for being protective of their masters. This dog bonds quickly and is very, very social. br /
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a href=http://www.artistryyorkies.com target=_blankyorkie puppies/a like to please and to receive praise. They flourish on attention, but give it back in the manner of cuddling and sitting on your lap. They are easy to train but do require consistency. They can become stubborn if owners are not consistent in their training. A naturally bright dog, they are able to figure out things on their own, especially if they are trained properly.br /
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yorkie puppies should be socialized at a young age and only require reasonable exercise. They can tap into limitless energy when needed. Yorkies can get over motivated with lots of visitors or activity. They are similar to a child who needs some quite time. But with just the right amount of attention and activity, the Yorkie is a ideal pet. Loving and socially part of the family, the a href=http://www.artistryyorkies.com target=_blankyorkshire terriers/a gravitates more towards adults and older more middle-aged children but does love to romp with the kids. During calm time, the Yorkie is satisfied to sit on your lap for countless amounts of time. br /
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Yorkies dont realize their small stature He is a courageous little guy and exhibits pack leadership with highly protective instincts. The original Yorkies were much bigger than those today. Selective breeding with the smallest of the dogs gradually changed the breed over the years. They are now seen as not only a pet but a fashion accessory as women carry these little dogs in bags or in their arms. The first Yorkie that looked as they look today was first seen at a dog show in the late 1800s. Most Yorkies stand only 7 inches high and weigh no more than 7 pounds. They can be even smaller, but there is no such thing in the breed as a teacup Yorkie, just mearly Yorkshire Terriers that are significantly smaller. The allure of these dogs is that they always look so adorable all the way through adult hood. One tell tale factor that a Yorkie is of a later mature age is his mellowness and the slow down in his activity. He still looks as adorable and still loves to be carried or cuddled.br /
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Known for their elongated, lavish coat which is made of hair, not fur, Yorkies do not shed. Proper grooming is essential because their hair continues to grow unless cut. Regular brushing is a necessity. Some owners keep the hair out their Yorkies eyes with a barrette or ribbon.br /
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One things for sure, owning yorkshire terriers, as pets, is a dog lovers dream. Owning one yorkie puppy usually leads into owing more.br /
Check out a href=http://www.artistryyorkies.com target=_blankyorkie breeders/a for more info on Yorkies and champion yorkshire terriers, including yorkie puppies for sale as pets. br /

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As one of the most popular type of dogs, the Yorkie, also known as Yorkshire Terrier, walks proudly despite its tiny stature. Not only are they often winning show dogs, but they are one of the great companion dogs. Though characteristically bold in their activity, a href=http://www.artistryyorkies.com target=_blankYorkshire Terrier/a do like to please their masters very much, which makes them extremely easy to train. Part of what gives them their fame is not just their cute size but the color and texture of their silky-smooth coat.br /
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a href=http://www.artistryyorkies.com target=_blankYorkies Puppies/a are probably one of the most adorable puppies you will see. Able to sit in the palm of your hand as babies, they almost look like a little stuffed animal. Depending on the kind of quality of the Yorkshire Terrier Puppies will determine what they look like as adults. The average adult size of Yorkshire Terrier can vary from 3 to 7 pounds. Yorkshire Terrier should never exceed 7lbs as this would be considered oversized. It is often thought that tea cup Yorkies are a smaller form of Yorkshire Terriers. This is absolutely not true. Tiny Yorkies are just the smallest of the litter. All Yorkies Puppies are black except for their muzzle and legs. As they Mature, their color will change, turning a blue or silver on their body, with their entire head, muzzle and legs transforming to all tan/brown. Some stay black, which indicates they will never get the silk texture. br /
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Breeders and show dog owners keep the coat long and parted in the middle. The coat is flowing, smooth, silky and shinny. Some owners clip their dogs in a puppy cut to prevent tangles and eliminate a lot of brushing. This breed does not shed which is what makes them so desirable for house pets. As a pet, they can be feisty and love lots of attention, but they are great cuddlers. They are the best cuddlers after they turn 1 years of age. A lapdog by nature, as long as you supply a small amount of petting they will sit there for hours. Yorkies need plenty of exercise to use up all that energy and they are very, very social animals.br /
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Yorkies Puppies walk with confidence and an air about them. They are easily trainable and adapt well to different locations. a href=http://www.artistryyorkies.com target=_blankYorkie Puppy/a prefer adults or older children as they like to be the baby. They can wear out even the most energetic of children. They are very loving and loyal pets and bond quickly to people who care for them and love them. They enjoy being a part of the family.br /
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Check out artistryyorkies.com for more info on Yorkie breeding and show dogs.br /