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A non shedding dog – The Yorkshire Terrier
A breed of dog that has enduring popularity is the Yorkshire Terrier. Originating from northern England, Yorkies (as they are known) are friendly, full of life and quite clever. They are considered a toy breed, due to the fact that at maturity they typically weigh between four and seven pounds. It is widely thought there to be some variations of Yorkshire terriers, known as teacup or miniature, they are smaller, growing to about 3 pounds at maturity. But this is NOT true, there …

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Find healthy Yorkshire Terrier puppies
With so many dog breeders its very easy to find a Yorkshire Terrier, but to find a healthy one that represents the breed the way it should, you should choose your Yorkie breeder carefully. To do this, you will have to be able to tell a good Yorkshire Terrier from a bad Yorkshire Terrier, also you will have to be able to tell a good breeder from a average breeder. We all want a great looking healthy pet. Looks and certainly health is vital and partly …

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Yorkies were originally owned by mill workers and were bred to pursue rats. They are recognized for their allegiance and for being protective of their masters. This dog bonds quickly and is very, very social. br /
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a href=http://www.artistryyorkies.com target=_blankyorkie puppies/a like to please and to receive praise. They flourish on attention, but give it back in the manner of cuddling and sitting on your lap. They are easy to train but do require consistency. They can become stubborn if owners are not consistent in …

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As one of the most popular type of dogs, the Yorkie, also known as Yorkshire Terrier, walks proudly despite its tiny stature. Not only are they often winning show dogs, but they are one of the great companion dogs. Though characteristically bold in their activity, a href=http://www.artistryyorkies.com target=_blankYorkshire Terrier/a do like to please their masters very much, which makes them extremely easy to train. Part of what gives them their fame is not just their cute size but the color and texture of their silky-smooth …