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7 Top Tips To Potty Train Puppy Quickly

Dog housebreaking and potty train puppy. Dog owners will have to potty train puppy as part of a housebreaking process. This is not a hard task and should be handled in a positive manner. Make sure you take your puppy out to potty often, they have tiny bladders and are unable to hold it for extended periods. Here are a few great tips to potty train puppy.

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When a puppy first comes to your house, its always an exciting time for everybody. In order for the transition to be a smooth one, its always a good idea to spend a little time in preparing. The major obstacle in dog owners is to know how to house train. If you prepare yourself with knowledge and a positive outlook, its actually much easier than what people make it out to be.br /
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Right when you bring the puppy home, bring her outside. With all the excitement going on, your puppy will have to pee anyways. If you can have her first pee break be outside instead of inside, youve already taken a big step. The more your puppy pees in the house, the more likely that theyll do it again and again.br /
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Take her to the area that is ok to pee in and put the puppy on the ground. Let her sniff around. Dont play with the puppy or distract the puppy in any way. You dont want the puppy to forge this area with play time.br /
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While your puppy is going, say something simple, such as potty time, or whatever phrase you want to use, so they can memorize the phrase.br /
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After your puppy is finished, praise your puppy and give them a treat or lots of love.Potty Train Puppy: Crate Training br /
As far as house training goes, crate training is generally accepted to be the most effective and efficient means of house training a puppy in a short space of time.br /
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What is crate training?br /
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Crate-training is essentially the use of a small indoor kennel (the crate) to confine your young puppy when youre not actively supervising her.br /
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How does it work?br /
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Crate training is based on all dogs inherent dislike of soiling the area where they sleep. Because youre restricting your puppys movement to her sleeping space, shell instinctively hold it in until shes let out of the crate (provided you dont leave her in there too long, of course!)br /
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This is why its important that the crate is sized properly: if its too big, shell be able to use one end as a bed and one end as a toilet, which defeats the whole purpose!br /
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How do I choose a crate?br /
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As a general guideline, its more cost-effective for you to choose a crate thats big enough for her to grow into. It should be big enough for the adult dog to stand up comfortably without crouching, turn around in, and stretch out – but no bigger (so that she doesnt choose one part as her bed, and one part as her toilet!)br /
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Because the adult dog is likely to be considerably larger than the puppy, itll most likely be necessary for you to use a barrier to reduce the internal size of the crate. A wire grille or board will do just fine.br /
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Alternatively, you can use a cheap crate (or even make one yourself) and replace it with a larger model as your puppy grows.br /
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Using the crate for house trainingbr /
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Crate training works like this: your puppy is in that crate at all times unless shes sleeping, eating, outside with you going to the toilet, or being played with (active supervision.)br /
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Youll need to be consistent, or else it wont work: you cant let your puppy wander off through the house unless youre focusing your complete attention on her.br /
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Potty Train Puppy: Crate Training Schedule br /
If you allow her access to the house before shes thoroughly house trained, youre basically encouraging her to relieve herself inside – and remember, each time she does this, itll be easier for her to do it again (and again and again)br /
Sample schedule of a mornings crate trainingbr /
7am: Wake up. Puppy comes outside with you for a toilet break.br /
7.25: Breakfast time.br /
7.45: Back outside for another toilet break (accompanied by you, of course.)br /
7.50 – 8.45: Play-time! Puppy is out of the crate being actively played with, cuddled, etc.br /
8.45: Outside for another toilet break.br /
8.50 – 11: Puppy goes back in the crate for a napbr /
11 am: Puppy comes outside with you for a toilet break.br /
11.05 – 12.30: Playtime! Puppy is out of the crate being played with and petted.br /
12:30: Lunch time.br /
12.45: Puppy comes outside with you for a toilet break.br /
1 – 3.30: Puppy goes back in the crate for a nap.br /
and so on throughout the day.br /
br /
Crate training generally takes one to two months (depending on the breed of your dog and how much time you spend on the training process.) As the puppy grows older, you can begin to reduce the amount of time spent in the crate – but beware of doing this too soon!br /
Other crate training rulesbr /
– Your puppy probably wont be too happy to go in the crate the first couple of times she uses it. She wants to be outside, being showered with affection and attention, and hanging out with you (of course!) But it really is for her own good – in a surprisingly short time, shell come to accept the crate as her own personal haven where she can go to relax and get a couple hours uninterrupted sleep. Its important to persevere: do not respond to any whining or crying.br /
– The best place for the crate to be is the hub of the household: usually the den or the kitchen, anywhere where people tend to congregate. Just because shes in the crate doesnt mean she cant still feel like part of the household; its important for her not to feel isolated or excluded.br /
– The crate should be a welcoming, inviting place for her to go. Lay a couple of thick blankets or towels on the floor, and place a few toys and a chew or two inside it as well. The door should be invitingly open at all times (unless shes in there, of course, in which case it should be securely shut.)br /
Some toilet facts about puppies that will come in handyPotty Train Puppy: Conclusion br /
– Puppies bladders and bowels are so small and weak that they have only a very small window of opportunity between knowing that they need to go, and having that need become an immediate reality. Because of this, its imperative that you take her outside as soon as she wakes up (shell let you know she needs to go out by pawing the door and whining), and within ten minutes of eating or playing.br /
– Behaviors that indicate she needs to go outside include sniffing the ground and circling. Again, because shes only little, she wont exhibit these warning signs for very long – so as soon as she starts, take her out straight away. Better an unnecessary trip to the yard than an unnecessary wet patch (or pile) on the carpet!br /
– The maximum amount of time that a puppy can be crated at one time is figured out using the following equation: her age in months, plus one. So, a three-month old puppy can be crated for a maximum of four hours. However, this is likely to be physically pretty uncomfortable for her (not to mention hard on her emotionally and psychologically: its tough being cramped up with nothing to do), so you should really take her out at least once every two hours during the day. If shes sleeping, of course, just let her sleep until she wakes up naturally.br /
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