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Dog training collars for large dogs

Every dog owner faces problem with their dogs whether it is basic obedience or training your dog. Stopping dog chasing car or running after someone can become serious problem. You may want to buy remote training collars for dogs. You can correct behaviour of your dog using remote control.

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Canine Cancer – Help Fight Cancer In Dogs

Dog collar sales to raise money in the fight against canine cancer

2 Hound Designs annual dog collar sale is going on to help raise money and awareness for canine cancer research through Hope for Hounds. Every year 2 Hounds Design releases limited-issue, custom-designed collars with a goal to raise both money and awareness in the fight against canine cancer. View products

Hope for Hounds is a nonprofit organization founded by Janet Schaffer in 2005. Janet started Hope for Hounds after one of her favorite hounds died of osteosarcoma, the most common cancer found in large-breed dogs including Greyhounds and Great Danes. All of the proceeds go to fund Dr. Guillermo Couto’s canine oncology research at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio.

From now until March 31, 2008, 2 Hounds Design will double their donation to $10 for each collar sold, $6 for each leash, $5 per headband, and $3 for each key fob sold. View press release

According to Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory at Purdue University, “Approximately 80-85% of all canine skeletal tumors are diagnosed as osteosarcomas (OSA). Canine OSA occurs most often in dogs 7-9 years of age. Large breed dogs are at 150 times greater risk of OSA. Highly aggressive, over 90% of all clinically significant OSAs have already micrometastasized by the time of diagnosis.”

You can do your part to help fight and research cancer in dogs by visiting Hope For Hound Collars 2011! All dogs need collars, so why not support a good cause!

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