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a href=http://www.responsibledogtraining.com target=_blankHow to potty train a puppy/a is necessary first step in bonding with a baby animal addition to your clan. Of course, puppy potty training may not be the most wonderful job that you considered growing up, BUT it requires empathy, patience, and understanding. In return, your new puppy dog begins necessarybehaviors that are necessary so he will be welcome and happy his new home.br /
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Realize that the attention span of your puppy lasts only a short time. Just as children dont create new …

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House breaking or House training a dog
Training your dog to be house broken is something that every dog owner must face. It is always a tough start for both the dog owner and the dog itself.
You have to accept the fact that your dog is a major responsibility. Yes, they are cute and cuddly and fun to play with but you have to be a teacher too. In some cases, it is extremely easy to house train your dog but even those that seems tough to train still end up …