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a href=http://www.responsibledogtraining.com target=_blankHow to potty train a puppy/a is necessary first step in bonding with a baby animal addition to your clan. Of course, puppy potty training may not be the most wonderful job that you considered growing up, BUT it requires empathy, patience, and understanding. In return, your new puppy dog begins necessarybehaviors that are necessary so he will be welcome and happy his new home.br /
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Realize that the attention span of your puppy lasts only a short time. Just as children dont create new habits without repetition, a puppy wont normally internalize correct behavior right away either. Another important factor, be consistent with your dog during the training process. Perhaps the most important thing to remember while a href=http://www.responsibledogtraining.com/toilet-training-puppies.php target=_blankpuppy litter training/a is understanding that your new pet is not intentionally misbehaving. Just as teaching a small child is difficult, your puppy still too young to have recognized which actions are okay!br /
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Despite some of the outmoded methods of a href=http://www.responsibledogtraining.com/house-training-for-puppies.php target=_blankhouse training puppies/a, a trainer or owner should never forcefully handle a puppy by hitting, pushing his nose in his accidents, or raising your voice at your puppy. These behaviors tell your pet that relieving himself are bad. On top of that discomfort, dogs often react poorly to overtly mean behavior. What happens from these uncomfortable activities? Many puppies actually learn slower as their training advances. br /
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Start the housebreaking process with a simple feeding schedule for your puppy. Offer him breakfast, lunch and dinner, just as you do. A repetitive eating schedule helps|assists|creates[/spin] the animal become regular with his bowel movements. After consuming food, wait 20-30 minutes, and then take him outside. Notice how long he needs he goes potty. This will give you an idea of how long to wait the next time you take him out. (Within about a week, you should have his schedule down.) It is important to maintain a regular routine. Never food in his bowl because it will cause accidents and make house training slower and more difficult. br /
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When house training your puppy take him outside immediately after an accident. Dont forget to praise his good behavior! Every time he goes potty where hes supposed to, praise him lavishly. Positive reinforcement is a powerful training tool. Soon the pup will understand exactly what brings emotional satisfaction from his owner and what brings unhappiness. Critically, dont forget that full control of the bladder and bowels wont happen until 16 weeks of age. It is not fair to expect too much from your puppy too soon.br /
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However, when an accident happens (and they will!), clean the area and spray immediately. This will cover up the smell so your puppy will not try to mark his territory again.br /
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Remember housebreaking a puppy is a big responsibility that can create to a special relationship between you and your puppy. Encouraging words and lots of love will make all the time worthwhile!

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House breaking or House training a dog

Training your dog to be house broken is something that every dog owner must face. It is always a tough start for both the dog owner and the dog itself.

You have to accept the fact that your dog is a major responsibility. Yes, they are cute and cuddly and fun to play with but you have to be a teacher too. In some cases, it is extremely easy to house train your dog but even those that seems tough to train still end up learning how to do it – though it may take some time.

This article will deal with some of the challenges you are likely to face while trying to house train your dog and how to easy overcome these problems.

Your Dogs Personality Counts

In some instances, you dog may urinate in some places in the house as a way of showing you respect. It is usually their way of showing you how much they love and respect you. The urine that they pass out during these moments is mostly little. It usually happens when you are scolding ( correcting, reprimanding ) them for something they have done or have not done. This type of urination is not done in secret – it is usually done right in front of you. If you notice any of this behavior in your dog, then it is time to talk to your vet so as to find a solution to the problem.

[caption id="attachment_1474" align="aligncenter" width="243" caption="House training puppy"]cute puppy house training[/caption]

Does Dog have any bodily disorder or health problems?

Your dog may be having some physical ailments or bodily disorder if you are having problems house training. For instance, if your dog always urinate in the house without trying to go outside, then it might been having a urinary tract infection or some other disorders that may be making it impossible for the dog to wait for you. Therefore, if your dog does seem to get it then it is time to see the vet so as to be sure the dog is not having some disorders or health problems.

Do You Have To take you Dog To Obedience School?

If your dog has no physical disorder or ailment and you are still having problems house training it, then you may have to consider taking it to dog obedience school – especially if the dog fails to get it after trying everything possible. House training dogs can be stressful especial if they don’t seem to understand the implication of what they do. Obedience school can help you to control your dogs personality and will also bring about a bond between the pet you love and cherish.

What is the best way?

House breaking or House training a dog doesn’t have to be a big deal. The dog will usually be willing to learn base on positive feedback. Praise the dog and show enthusiasm and excitement when the dog goes out to urinate. Always scold the dog if they go to places or do things you don’t want them to do. An exception is if they have some ailment.


House training dogs will take some time and level of patience and it is better if you start house training your dog while it is quite young. This is because dogs, like humans, become difficult to train as they grow older.

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