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Yorkies were originally owned by mill workers and were bred to pursue rats. They are recognized for their allegiance and for being protective of their masters. This dog bonds quickly and is very, very social. br /
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a href=http://www.artistryyorkies.com target=_blankyorkie puppies/a like to please and to receive praise. They flourish on attention, but give it back in the manner of cuddling and sitting on your lap. They are easy to train but do require consistency. They can become stubborn if owners are not consistent in their training. A naturally bright dog, they are able to figure out things on their own, especially if they are trained properly.br /
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yorkie puppies should be socialized at a young age and only require reasonable exercise. They can tap into limitless energy when needed. Yorkies can get over motivated with lots of visitors or activity. They are similar to a child who needs some quite time. But with just the right amount of attention and activity, the Yorkie is a ideal pet. Loving and socially part of the family, the a href=http://www.artistryyorkies.com target=_blankyorkshire terriers/a gravitates more towards adults and older more middle-aged children but does love to romp with the kids. During calm time, the Yorkie is satisfied to sit on your lap for countless amounts of time. br /
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Yorkies dont realize their small stature He is a courageous little guy and exhibits pack leadership with highly protective instincts. The original Yorkies were much bigger than those today. Selective breeding with the smallest of the dogs gradually changed the breed over the years. They are now seen as not only a pet but a fashion accessory as women carry these little dogs in bags or in their arms. The first Yorkie that looked as they look today was first seen at a dog show in the late 1800s. Most Yorkies stand only 7 inches high and weigh no more than 7 pounds. They can be even smaller, but there is no such thing in the breed as a teacup Yorkie, just mearly Yorkshire Terriers that are significantly smaller. The allure of these dogs is that they always look so adorable all the way through adult hood. One tell tale factor that a Yorkie is of a later mature age is his mellowness and the slow down in his activity. He still looks as adorable and still loves to be carried or cuddled.br /
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Known for their elongated, lavish coat which is made of hair, not fur, Yorkies do not shed. Proper grooming is essential because their hair continues to grow unless cut. Regular brushing is a necessity. Some owners keep the hair out their Yorkies eyes with a barrette or ribbon.br /
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One things for sure, owning yorkshire terriers, as pets, is a dog lovers dream. Owning one yorkie puppy usually leads into owing more.br /
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As one of the most popular type of dogs, the Yorkie, also known as Yorkshire Terrier, walks proudly despite its tiny stature. Not only are they often winning show dogs, but they are one of the great companion dogs. Though characteristically bold in their activity, a href=http://www.artistryyorkies.com target=_blankYorkshire Terrier/a do like to please their masters very much, which makes them extremely easy to train. Part of what gives them their fame is not just their cute size but the color and texture of their silky-smooth coat.br /
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a href=http://www.artistryyorkies.com target=_blankYorkies Puppies/a are probably one of the most adorable puppies you will see. Able to sit in the palm of your hand as babies, they almost look like a little stuffed animal. Depending on the kind of quality of the Yorkshire Terrier Puppies will determine what they look like as adults. The average adult size of Yorkshire Terrier can vary from 3 to 7 pounds. Yorkshire Terrier should never exceed 7lbs as this would be considered oversized. It is often thought that tea cup Yorkies are a smaller form of Yorkshire Terriers. This is absolutely not true. Tiny Yorkies are just the smallest of the litter. All Yorkies Puppies are black except for their muzzle and legs. As they Mature, their color will change, turning a blue or silver on their body, with their entire head, muzzle and legs transforming to all tan/brown. Some stay black, which indicates they will never get the silk texture. br /
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Breeders and show dog owners keep the coat long and parted in the middle. The coat is flowing, smooth, silky and shinny. Some owners clip their dogs in a puppy cut to prevent tangles and eliminate a lot of brushing. This breed does not shed which is what makes them so desirable for house pets. As a pet, they can be feisty and love lots of attention, but they are great cuddlers. They are the best cuddlers after they turn 1 years of age. A lapdog by nature, as long as you supply a small amount of petting they will sit there for hours. Yorkies need plenty of exercise to use up all that energy and they are very, very social animals.br /
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Yorkies Puppies walk with confidence and an air about them. They are easily trainable and adapt well to different locations. a href=http://www.artistryyorkies.com target=_blankYorkie Puppy/a prefer adults or older children as they like to be the baby. They can wear out even the most energetic of children. They are very loving and loyal pets and bond quickly to people who care for them and love them. They enjoy being a part of the family.br /
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Yorkshire Terriers are amazing little companion dogs

Yorkshire Terriers are born black, gradually attaining their blue tan coloration as they mature.

The ultra long, fine, silky coat parts along the spine falls straight down on either side. it is steal blue on the body tail, tan elsewhere. Puppies are usually black tan. The tail is usually docked to half its length. If the dogs are not for showing, the owners usually go for the shaggy look.

Yorkshire Terriers are fantastic little companion dogs. The numerous desirable qualities adaptability of the Yorkie have seen it become two of the most popular of all dog breeds worldwide – for cool reason.

Yorkshire Terriers are a magnificent blend of high energy, cheeky terrier personality affectionate, loving toy dog. Yorkie owners will tell you that they often switch between the two extremes in the blink of an eye!

The muzzle isn’t long with a black nose. Eyes are medium sized dark in color. The ears are small, V-shaped carried erect. they are not far apart, covered with short hair, deep in color usually a rich tan. The mouth is either a scissor or level bite. The neck has cool reach while the body is compact with a level back. The tail is customarily docked to medium length with lots of hair.

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The Yorkies long, glossy coat goes all the way to the ground requires daily brushing. The hair on its head is usually tied up or parted down the middle all the way to the tail flowing straight evenly on both sides. It has steal blue on the body tail but tan everywhere else. There maybe be an gold color around the face. The head is small flat.

Yorkshire Terriers can be small indeed, usually not weighing over about 5 or 6 pounds (less than 3kg.) A Yorkie can easily be carried in a large coat pocket or a small bag.

The legs are straight well covered in hair of rich golden tans ending a few shades lighter at the roots. The hair on the body is moderately long, perfectly straight no waves. It has a glossy, silky texture. The hair on head muzzle grow long to meet the length of the body. Some owners if not showing their Yorkie will keep the head trimmed.

Their coats are typically black or grey on the body, with more brown gold on the faces legs, but this can vary. The fur in a show dog is usually straight can grow long. Yorkies can also have wavy fur, although clubs do not recognize this variation. In either case, Yorkie fur is soft, fine, high-maintenance, must either be trimmed short or washed brushed frequently.

The Yorkie is a small compact dog that usually weighs anywhere from 5 to 7lbs. they tend to hold themselves upright with a proud posture most of the time, which gives them an impressive stature. they have an long coat that’s colored silver on the most part of their bodies as well as a tanned color on their neck, head legs region. Their amazing coat is what sets a Yorkshire Terrier puppy for sale apart from any of the other terrier breeds of dogs, although however impressive it may look, it can also be a hindrance especially for owners, who may find it difficult to maintain keep free of knots dirt.

there’s of coursework ways to lower the aggression level in your Yorkshire Terrier two of these ways is to interact it with other dogs from an early age. This will give it an opportunity to grow be shaped by its environment instead of allowing the dogs genetics to take over. over likely the most aggressive Yorkshire Terriers are the ones that have been kept isolated from contact with any other dogs for most of its life. So take the time to invest in training your Yorkshire terrier.

The Temperament Of The Yorkshire Terrier

So they know how Yorkies look, but what about their personalities? Well like any breed of Terrier, they can be a little aggressive at times often antisocial when it comes to conversing with other dogs. Although personalities differ from dog to dog, most Yorkshire Terrier puppies will tend to have some form of aggression in their nature. In fact it’s not strange to see a Yorkie attack a dog that’s much larger than itself!

Although there’s some health concerns related to Yorkshire Terriers, there’s also benefits two being that due to their light weight frames, they are less susceptible to arthritis, which is common in many other breeds of dogs. Needles to say, Teacup Yorkie Puppies are cool.

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