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A non shedding dog – The Yorkshire Terrier
A breed of dog that has enduring popularity is the Yorkshire Terrier. Originating from northern England, Yorkies (as they are known) are friendly, full of life and quite clever. They are considered a toy breed, due to the fact that at maturity they typically weigh between four and seven pounds. It is widely thought there to be some variations of Yorkshire terriers, known as teacup or miniature, they are smaller, growing to about 3 pounds at maturity. But this is NOT true, there …

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Find healthy Yorkshire Terrier puppies
With so many dog breeders its very easy to find a Yorkshire Terrier, but to find a healthy one that represents the breed the way it should, you should choose your Yorkie breeder carefully. To do this, you will have to be able to tell a good Yorkshire Terrier from a bad Yorkshire Terrier, also you will have to be able to tell a good breeder from a average breeder. We all want a great looking healthy pet. Looks and certainly health is vital and partly …

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Find a good breeder to get your Yorkshire Terrier puppy
Yorkshire Terrier Puppy
Anyone who has a female Yorkshire Terrier who has a litter is in fact a breeder of . However, this does not mean that they are a good breeder. There are good breeders and there are bad breeders, and for many reasons, you want to work only with a good, responsible breeder when you get your Yorkshire Terrier puppy.
A good breeder does not have accidental litters. All of the litters are planned in advance, and often, the puppies are …

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Yorkshire Terrier need obedience training
Yorkshire Terriers are gorgeous little dogs. Their owners like to dress them up and take them wherever they go. They can be found on leashes, in laps, in arms, in cars, and even in handbags. These little dogs truly become like a child to their owners, and it is easy to see why. Just look at how adorable they are. But when its all said and done, do you own you’re Yorkshire Terrier, or does he own you?
It almost seems that people who do not own …

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Yorkshire Terriers are amazing little companion dogs
Yorkshire Terriers are born black, gradually attaining their blue tan coloration as they mature.
The ultra long, fine, silky coat parts along the spine falls straight down on either side. it is steal blue on the body tail, tan elsewhere. Puppies are usually black tan. The tail is usually docked to half its length. If the dogs are not for showing, the owners usually go for the shaggy look.
Yorkshire Terriers are fantastic little companion dogs. The numerous desirable qualities adaptability of the Yorkie have seen …

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Tips to to breed your Yorkshire Terrier
There may come a point in time when you decide that you want to breed your Yorkshire Terriers. Hopefully, before you start breeding in a helter skelter fashion, you’ve taken the time to learn as much as possible about the breed, and you have also had mentoring from a successful breeder.
If this is the case, you obviously need a male and female Yorkshire Terrier. Before you breed these dogs, you will have them checked out thoroughly by your veterinarian, and there will be numerous …