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What You Should Know About American Pit Bull Terrier Breed

American Pit Bull Terriers are the most recent victims of receiving an undeserved reputation due to bad publicity revolving around the breed. Known for fighting and often portrayed as a “bad dog” that sports a spiked collar and chain, American Pit Bull Terriers can become faithful, lifelong companions and have been known to be very gentle and loving animals.

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The American Bull Terrier

I have long owned bull terriers. I have an American red nosed bull terrier named Jack. Commonly misnomered the pit bull, Jack is NOT a pit bull. Hes never been purposely fought, nor has he ever set foot inside a ring. No one has ever gambled on him fighting, nor is he allowed to fight.

Jack is a BULL TERRIER. Period. And, as such, I think he could be a really good advocate for his breed. He always has lots of energy, he is super obedient, and he is always eager to please. Hes probably one of the best dogs any dog lover could hope to have.