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Puppy Baked In Oven

Pekingese poodle dog has been a victim of a dog crime
The last month has been horrible for crimes against dogs. It seems as if the heartless dog nappers and killers are really on the lose. Unfortunately, yet another dog has been a victim of a dog crime. A 5-month-old Pekingese poodle mix was put into an oven and the oven was turned on when his home was being burglarized.
The dogs mother came home to find her kitchen engulfed with smoke and her puppy in the oven! Green Bay police are …

Crimes Against Dogs »

English Bulldog Puppynapping in Reno

English Bulldog puppynapping and loss of the pups mother
A Reno family is not only shocked they were robbed of two bulldog puppies, but they are also grieving the loss of the pups mother who was killed during the puppynapping!
Mr. Harwood said he was sleeping on his couch around 1:30 a.m. when he awoke to see two men reaching into a nearby dog pen grabbing two puppies. Mr. Harwood ran after the puppy thieves and so did the pups mother, Wendy. During the criminals getaway, Mr. Harwood was knocked over by …