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Do you ever get tired of going outside every hour with your dog? We live on 15 acres, with our entire back-yard fenced in. Many days our dogs just want to run in and out of the house like kids. It seems like when I sit down, the next dog is ready to go out. I knew there had to be a way to make it easier for my dog to get in and out of our home.

Installing a dog door is one way to allow free access to outdoors, but what about the critters that can also get in and out of that doggy door? We live in the middle of the boon-docks, and all kinds of creatures and reptiles seem to make their ways into our homes!

infared-doog-door.jpgThe Staywell Infra-Red Dog Door is the perfect answer! After much research, we decided to go ahead and order a Staywell® infra-red dog door.This intelligent doggy door is a device set up inside you door that your dog can pass in and out of at will. It comes with an electronic device that knows when your dog is approaching and unlocks for them. The mechanism is placed on the dogs collar and can sense when it is approaching. Most Infrared dog doors come with a 1-3 year warranty and can be easily installed.

The manual locking system comes with 4 ways to lock it:


  • In only
  • In and out
  • Out only
  • Locked

Now, they are kinda pricey. They range from $150-$300 depending on the manufacture of the infrared door.So why should you purchase this nifty doggy device? Simple…the infra-red dog door is set-up to only open with the key so you are ensured that no surprises will be in your home. Protecting your home is a important part of life and the infrared dog door will keep all unwanted menaces out of your home and allow your dog free access to outdoors.

This dog door can fit in windows, walls, or doors and gives you more control over your dog’s movements allowing you to install them though out the house. If company is coming you can put up and deny them access while you visit or simply let them in and out to use the restroom. This device truly will help you and your dog; giving them more freedom and you more space.

Check out the Staywell Infra-Red Dog Door, it has great ratings and is one of the most popular dog doors around!